Golden Retriever

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Bonnie Brooks Golden Nugget

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Bonnie Brooks Golden Nugget (AKC SA880593 (6/1972))
FC AFC FTCH Bonnie Brooks Elmer OS FDHF (AKC SA297157 (2-70))
Bonnie Brook's Eloise WC (AKC SA795027 (10-71))
FC AFC Bonnie Brook's Red OS FDHF (AKC SA776255 (5/73))
FC Can FTCH Bonnie Brook's Tuff And A Half FDHF (AKC SA297155)
Bonnie Brook's Elmira (AKC SA743312 (10/71))
Bonnie Brook's Louie (AKC SA297156 (10/1969))
Bonnie Brook's Barney *** (AKC SA711557 (6/1972))
Bonnie Brook's Wilbur *** (AKC SA669376 (4/1974))
Bonnie Brooks Con Of Trollbo (AKC SA754066 (10/71))
Jolly Again of Ouilmette CD *** OS (AKC SA159661 (4/65))
Penny's Pollyanna (AKC SA157922 (10/63))
Holway Stubblesdown Jolly *** (AKC S938649 (1/62))
Stubblesdown Juanita/Stubblesdown Janita (Other KCSB 1976AS)
Stubblesdown Jeremy
Holway Leo *** OS (AKC S892175 (1-63))
Holway Lyric
Irish F.T.CH. Holway Legato (Other KCSB 7AS)
Holway Lullaby
Holway Lieder
Stubblesdown Kandy
Stubblesdown Marvel
Eng. FT. CH. Westhyde Stubblesdown Major (Other KCSB 2103AJ)
Stubblesdown Kite
Westhyde Stubblesdown Moss (Other KCSB 2102AJ (1952))
Westhyde Stubblesdown Kestrel
Stubblesdown Memory Of Wellhouse
Stubblesdown Kranze
Stubblesdown Belinda
Stubblesdown Kaprice
Stubblesdown Kranza
Gunnerman's Copper Penny ** (AKC SA033951 (6/1961))
Golden Opportunity *** (AKC S981264 (2/1961))
AFC Gunnerman's Coin of Copper OS FDHF (AKC S822112 (6/61))
Gunnerman's Golden Glory (AKC SA048925 (5/62))
Gunnerman's Red Fox * (AKC S980825 (12/60))
Roxanne of Arborvita * (AKC S863012 (5/59))
Svoboda's Proper Cedar Chips *** (AKC S972934 (5/1964))
Gunnermans Friend (AKC S829925 (5/1965))
Miss Tahweena (AKC SA002847 (5/1961))
Gunnerman's Penny Wise (AKC S985173 (10/59))
Cedarburg Joe (AKC S478540 (11/51))
Peter Piper For Brooke (AKC S483699 (12/1951))
Gunnermans Proper OD (AKC S744947 (10-56))
AFC Sunshine Cake FDHF (AKC S-699147 (12/57))
Nancy's Golden Dawn OD (AKC SA290989 (4/65))
H M Golden Flame (AKC SA177266 (12/64))
Steitz's Golden Nugget (AKC S586429 (3/1955))
Apollo (S503630) (AKC S503630 (4/52))
Penny IV (AKC S503631 (4/52))
Butch of Cheeberny Les (AKC S473641 (10/51))
Prince Of Cheeberny Les UDT (AKC S346323 (2/1950))
Duchess of The Rural (AKC S358866 (4/1950))
Sparks (S405265) (AKC S405265 (11/50))
Sir Taffy (AKC S333529 (12/49))
Tam O'Shanter (AKC S335692 (1/50))
Friar Tuck II (AKC S379924 (7/50))
Goldie of Forest Farm (AKC S473611 (10/51))
Golden Chief Valiant (AKC S871433 (4/1958))
Golden Duchess Of Gurnee (AKC S367770 (5/195))
Gold Dust Of Scotwell (AKC SA008210 (3/63))
Am. CH. Scarsdale's Buckshot (AKC S879214)
Lady Buffington Of Scotwell (AKC S901134 (8/1963))
Cleopatra Of Romocado (AKC SA72866 (4/1963))
Timothy Of Scotwell (AKC S779300 (8/1957))
Sherry of Scotwell (AKC S758207 (8/1957))
Am. CH. Flaming Rock (AKC S802690 (2/58))
Top Flight (AKC SA230844 (4/1964))
Meadowdale's Golden Fawn (AKC S803090 (8/58))
Johnnie's Golden Star (AKC S939449 (6/1961))

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