Golden Retriever

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Am. CH. Baron Sunset Hue CD * OS

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Am. CH. Baron Sunset Hue CD * OS
Tugwell Of Northridge
Tack of Northridge
Golden Flicka
Am. CH. Beau's Boy Of Oakwood
Brazen Beau ***
Harbor City Jaabo
Amber Jill CD
Burntside Lady Louise
Battle Lake Rocky
Roy's Stonegate Tucker CD
Oakcreek's Golden Spirit ***
Oakcreek's Golden Caesar
Oakcreeks Quip Of Roedare
Oakcreek's Golden Bingo
Oakcreek's Golden Breaker
Oakcreek's Golden Premier
Oakcreek's Golden Rambures
Oakcreek's Golden Ritz
Oakcreek's Golden Tranquil
Oakcreek's Golden Trayle
Oakcreek's Golden Duffy
Oakcreek's Golden Hord
Oakcreek's Golden Thor
Oakcreek's Roedare Quip
Oakcreek's Roedare Yelme
Oakcreek's Victorious Roedare II
Oakcreek's Royal Bremerton
Oakcreek's Golden Yelme
Oakcreek's Victorious Roedare
Oakcreek's Prince Michael
Calgoret Penny
Calgoret Howdy
Am. CH. Oakcreek's James
Oakcreek's Don
Oakcreek's Larch
Oakcreek's Mitchell
Oakcreek's Nemeth
Oakcreek's Viola
Oakcreek's Georgia
Oakcreek's Phi
Oakcreek's Alpha
Oakcreek's Beta
Oakcreek's Delta
Oakcreek's Epsilon
Oakcreek's Eta
Oakcreek's Gamma
Oakcreek's Theta
Am. CH. Princess Duana
Amber Ripple
Tylie Norcliff
Cubbington Amber
Heydown Golden Glory
Sundawn Diver
Heydown Rusty
Golden Sally
Honey Of Vynland
Pronto Pancho
Goldhaven Poacher
Goldhaven Lady
Goldhaven Shadrack
Oakcreek's Ding
Oakcreek's Russett
Can FTCH Oakcreek's Rory
Oakcreek's Pride **
Oakcreek's Baroness
Oakcreek's Speed
Oakcreek's Glory
Oakcreek's Patience
Oakcreek's Strike
Oakcreek's Tania
Winona of Cliffside
Cliffside Gold Rush **
Golden Prince Of Cliffside
King Austin Of Cliffside
Sugar Of Cliffside
Pirate Of Cliffside
Lady Amber V
Rufus Rip
Amber Ember (S313410)
Czarina (S313409)
Golden Trigger II
Lady's Nugget (S313414)
Sovereign Lady
True Treagle
Am./Can. CH. Auric Of Wildwood SDHF
Am. CH. Wildwood Major
Am. CH. Czar's Bracken Of Coastwise
Wildwood Wildfire
Rustic Wildwood
Lady Rip of Kingstree
Shot Of Kingstree
Lucky Of Pinkney
Buddy Of Santee
Flash Of Kingstree
Blinky Of Kingstree

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