Golden Retriever

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Timeless Golden Cute Curtis

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Timeless Golden Cute Curtis (C1)
Dt. Vet. Ch. Timeless Golden Copyright by Nela (A2)
Timeless Golden Candy Man (A2)
Timeless Golden Cool Tyler (B1)
Timeless Golden Cheeky Ranger
Timeless Golden Calico Calle (B1)
Timeless Golden Canny Calvin (A2)
Timeless Golden Crispy Cracker (A2)
Timeless Golden Crazy Casper (B2)
Timeless Golden Cunning Onestone (A1)
Timeless Golden Captain Carlsson (A1)
Cheer's Quayside (B1)
Cheer's Quadrillion (2003-06-18 HD grad A)
Cheer's Quadrille
SU(U)CH Colbar Step Ahead (Sweden HD A (11/22/2000))
Colbar High Time (OFA GR74171F24M-PI;OVC 010553)
Colbar Maggie May (32:31)
Colbar Dancing Diva At Gemmarique
Colbar Georgie Girl
Colbar Melody Maker
Colbar Memories Of Rosa
Colbar Rhapsody In Blue
Colbar Wild Blue Yonder
Sh Ch & Ir Sh Ch Gunhills Blue River (BVA 11:5)
Gunhills Blue Rapsody
Eng.Sh.Ch Colbar Royal Rhapsody JW (BVA BVA Hip Score 7:7)
Colbar Royal Salute At Neustro (BVA Hip Score 7:7)
Colbar Royal Secret With Telkaro JW (BVA Hip Score 7:5)
Cheer's Facella (1999-04-14 HD ua)
SE U(U)CH NO UCH Cheer's Way Of The World (HD A (1994))
Cheer's Why Me (Sweden HD U (5/10/1994))
Cheer's Walk About (Sweden HD U (5/30/1994))
Cheer's Would I Lie To You (Sweden HD U (2/9/1995))
Cheer's Water Delight (Sweden HD Grade 3 (5/25/1994))
Cheer's Willy Nilly (Sweden HD U (10/6/1998))
V-WW'98, NORDV-94 NUCH NORDV-99 Cheer's What's New (Sweden HD U (6/1/1994))
Cheer's Ten Point (A (0))
Timeless Golden Amazing Nela (B2)
Timeless Golden Anny Mae (A2)
Timeless Golden A Skywalker (C1)
J.Ch. Slo/Sh Ch Slo Timeless Golden Amy my Love Winner Prag 2009 (2/2)
Timeless Golden Ally Sue (B2)
Timeless Golden A Skydancer (C1)
Timeless Golden A.J. Fallen Off The Sky (C2)
Timeless Golden Arrow in the Sky (C1)
Timeless Golden Amity Alanis (C1)
Dt. CH./ Champion CZ/Veteran Champion DRC Sunbeam Gentle D.J. Evening Star (B2)
Sunbeam Gentle Dreaming Summer
Styal Sky Master (A1)
NORDV-95 NUCH Styal Sheer Scandal (UA (11/9/1994))
Styal Sky Lark (B1-C1 France)
Styal Sky's The Limit
Styal Sheer Satin Of Hollygold (BVA Hip Score 11:9)
Styal Sheer Silk Of Argosland (BVA Hip Score 3:5. A/A)
Styal Sheer Spirit To Fernavy (BVA Hip Score 12:13)
Styal Sheer Sensation
Dt. Ch/VDH Ch/Dt. Jg. CH Amy von der Räuberburg (A2)
Ali Baba von der Räuberburg (A1)
Dt.Ch VDH Int.CH Amaya von der Räuberburg (C1)
Dt Ch/VDH Ch/VetCh Remington Romantic Amy (B1)
Remington Rolph at Golmas (6:3)
Remington Robbert The Bruce
Eng Sh Ch Elswood The Highlander (BVA Hip Score 4:3)
Elswood The Jacobite Of Bellemount JW SGWC (BVA Hip Score 10:10)
Ital. CH. Elswood Cash Is King
Elswood Katrine Of Nortonwood (BVA 7:9)
Ger./VDH. CH. Elswood Maree Unter Dem Thie (HD C2)
Elswood Tam A' Shanter Of Highguild (BVA Hip Score 4:6)
Elswood Celtic Chiefton (B1/B2)
Elswood Highland Magic of Varadero (BVA 10:24)
Elswood Highland Melody (BVA 17:23)
Remington Ritzy (BVA Hip Score 5:5)
Eng SH CH Remington Rory (BVA/KC Hip Score 5:5)
CH.Monaco Remington Real Mccoy at Lawpark (BVA Hip Score 4:5)
Remington Runnik At Ranyhyn (BVA Hip Score 8:6)

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