Golden Retriever

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AFC Golden Rocket VI OS

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

AFC Golden Rocket VI OS (AKC S976261 (4/61))
Patrick Shane Of Ptarmilyn (AKC S906631 (3/1962))
Sir Charles Of MT Whitney *** OS (AKC S649332 (4/56))
Princess Pat IX (AKC S613472 (6/56))
Golden North Bingo (AKC S-161829)
Can. CH. Rockhaven Jack (AKC S069555 (3/1947))
Rockhaven Rapid (AKC S045103 (12/46))
Rockhaven Dot (AKC S071361 (4/1947))
Rockhaven Bee
Rockhaven Jock (AKC S024705 (9/46))
Rockhaven Jill (AKC A953300 (3/1946))
Rockhaven Lady
Rockhaven Susie (AKC S072442 (4/1947))
Kentucky Princess (AKC S541314 (9/1953))
Sport Ophir (AKC S512121 (5/52))
Gold Of Ophir II (AKC S502855 (4/1952))
Lady Dorchester (AKC S409291 (12/50))
Nevada Golden Sandy (AKC S421425 (2/1951))
Leprechaun Of Dorchester (AKC S976503 (9/1959))
Sykline Captain Cede Nullis (AKC S379071 (7/50))
Lady Jennifer (AKC S502856 (4/52))
J.K. Melissa Of Wanapera (AKC S502851 (4/1952))
O'Kane's Mandy (AKC S495818 (2/52))
Wanapera's Melanie (AKC S502853 (4/52))
Amber Jill Of Siskiyou (AKC S503675 (4/52))
Thornwood's Roxana (AKC S690977 (12/57))
Am. CH. Treasure Of Thornwood (AKC S656508 (8/56))
Thornwood's Roxanna (AKC S690977 (12/57))
Friar Tuck Of Thornwood (AKC S435292 (4/51))
Am. CH. Leaf Of Thornwood (AKC S435293 (4/51))
Am. CH. Autumn Of Thornwood (S435294) (AKC S435294 (4/51))
Gilnockie Torre (AKC S424247 (2/1951))
Flame Of Thornwood (AKC S428907 (3/51))
Gilnockie Prince Stephen (AKC S443111 (5/51))
Can. CH. Rockhaven Aurelius Prince
Am./Can. CH. Rockhaven Regina OD (AKC S182255 (5/1948))
Rockhaven Rusty ** (AKC S045102 (12/46))
Rockhaven Ranger
Rockhaven Raymond
Rockhaven Rufus (AKC S377011 (7/50))
Rockhaven Rolf (AKC S377010 (7/50))
Rockhaven Rex (AKC S174404 (4/48))
Russett Of Bramble Lane (AKC S206301 (7/48))
Silver Leaf's Lady Jill (AKC S150459 (1/1948))
Silver Leaf's Lady Jo (AKC S150460 (1/1948))
Thornwood Lark (AKC S630501 (3/1954))
Golden Quest Of Thornwood CD (AKC S586337 (12/59))
Am./Can. CH. Hunter of Thornwood (AKC S415990 (1/51))
Rouge's Queen (AKC S405215 (11/50))
Easy Breeze Abigail (AKC S351798 (3/50))
Easy Breeze Abraham (AKC S351799 (3/50))
Duke Of Satus (AKC S732546 (12/55))
Am./Can. CH. Oakcreek's Golden Sunshine (AKC S181209 (4/1948))
Golden Nikkie (AKC S267168 (3/49))
Golden Friskay Of Sunnywood (AKC S344831 (2/1950))
Oakcreek's Golden Aspiration (AKC S181210 (4/48))
Oakcreek's Golden Bennet (AKC S181206 (4/48))
Oakcreek's Golden Charson (AKC S181207 (4/48))
Oakcreek's Golden Esther (AKC S181212 (4/48))
Oakcreek's Golden Marge (AKC S181211 (4/48))
Oakcreek's Golden Shrine II (AKC S181205 (4/48))
Oakcreek's Golden Sunset (AKC S181208 (4/48))
Spike (S304937) (AKC S304937 (8/49))

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