Golden Retriever

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A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

SUCH DKUCH INTUCH Byxfield Cedar (Other DKK 296241G)
Byxfield Candy Floss (Other DK315514Z)
Anbria Byxfield Candy Floss
Byxfield Katrina (AKC SA778801 (11/70))
Daniel of Westley (AKC SA173992 (4/64))
Eng. CH. Simon of Westley (Other KCSB 786AM)
Lindy's Sarah of Westley < Sarah Of Westley (Other KCSB 702AU (1962))
Nicola Of Westley
Shandy of Westley
Fordhouse Sheila of Westley
Spencer of Westley
Sandam of Westley
Silas Of Westley
Sandman of Westley
Prunella of Westley
Eng. Ch. Camrose Fantango (Other KCSB 1890AL)
Camrose Fantasy of Rosecott
Camrose Felicity
Westley Frolic of Yelme
Jolly of Yelme (AKC S-131004-10/47)
Camrose Petula (Other KCSB 1968AU (1962))
Camrose Stella
Eng. CH. Dai Of Yarlaw (Other KCSB 1909AR)
Striker of Yarlaw
Eng. CH. Camrose Jessica (Other KCSB 2053AN)
Camrose Jennifer
Camrose James
Camrose Orphius
Camrose Guardsman
Camrose General of Trudace
Byxfield Fair Maid
Crack-O-Dawn Of Carthew
Carnival of Carthew
Castelnau Noel
Eng. CH. Kenbara Castelnau Nonet
Brambledown Castelnau Leit Motiv
Castelnau Nefer
Brambletyne Castelnau Fughetta (Other KCSB 1980AU (1962))
Kenbara Castelnau Fugata (Other KCSB 1340AS)
Castelnau Dominant
Castelnau Descant
Castelnau Dolce
Kenbara Castelnau Fugato
Kenbara Castelnau Legato
Castelnau Lyric
Castelnau Fantasia
Castelnau Nowell
Castelnau Fanfare
Eng. CH. Camrose Lucius (Other KCSB 1261AQ)
Eng. CH. Camrose Loretta (Other KCSB 281AR)
Camrose Lucilla (AKC S857100 (6/1959))
Camrose Lorelia
Castelnau Motif (Other KCSB 1385AP)
Eng. OB. CH. Castelnau Pizzicato CDX UDX WDX (Other KCSB 793AR)
Isycoed Castelnau Rhythm
Castelnau Roundelay
Castelnau Melody
Castelnau Grandioso
Is-y-Coed Castelnau Rythm
Castelnau Polanaise
Castelnau March
Clematis Of Carthew
Clover of Carthew
Courier Of Carthew
Caranomie Of Carthew
Deerflite Romance Of Carthew

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