Golden Retriever

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Goldhaven Poacher

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Goldhaven Poacher
Goldhaven Lady
Goldhaven Shadrack
Oakcreek's Ding
Oakcreek's Russett
Can FTCH Oakcreek's Rory
Oakcreek's Pride **
Oakcreek's Baroness
Oakcreek's Speed
Oakcreek's Glory
Oakcreek's Patience
Oakcreek's Strike
Oakcreek's Tania
Roedare's Goldwood Tuck
Lady of Loch Wood
Almarie's Wing Belle
Queenie of Lochwood
Dawn From Lakeline
Topper Of Loch Wood
Flame Of The Pines
Cutie Of Loch Wood
Dixie Bell Of Barker's Bend
Tiny Of Loch Wood
Golden Lady XVI
Taffy O'Dee Graham
Dixie Belle Of Barker's Bend
Wing of Rolling Ridge
Apache of Rolling Ridge ***
Dart of Rolling Ridge
King Of Rolling Ridge
Lassie Of Rolling Ridge
Nugget II Of Rolling Ridge
Queen Of Rolling Ridge
R. R. Echo IV
R.R. Boots II
R.R. Diana II
R.R. Nugget II
R.R. Rival IV
R.R. Spartan
R.R. Star II
R.R. Starbright II
R.R. Stardust III
R. R. Glean
Maize Dee of Loch Wood
Rusty of Prairie Creek Farm (A752793)
Beavertail Sandy (A923392)
Beavertail Lady
Beavertail Lolly
Beavertail Michael
Beavertail Ripper
Roderick Dhu
Beavertail Splash
Rip's Mietzie
Beavertail Lark
Beavertail Liberty
Beavertail Lucky
Beavertail Goldstrike
Beavertail Rock Ripple
Beavertail Goldust
Beavertail Goldbrick
Beavertail Goldigger
Beavertail Judy Starr
Beavertail Jane
Beavertail Jay
Beavertail Jean
Beavertail Jerry
Beavertail Jill
Beavertail Jock
Beavertail Joy
Beavertail Judy
Beavertail Julie
Beavertail Iris
Beavertail Invader
Beavertail Honey
Beavertail Imperial
Beavertail Trigger
Winona of Cliffside
Cliffside Gold Rush **
Golden Prince Of Cliffside
King Austin Of Cliffside
Sugar Of Cliffside
Pirate Of Cliffside
FC Pirate Of Golden Valley FDHF
Digger Of Golden Valley *** OS
Honey of Golden Valley
Bonnie Of Golden Valley ***
Joy of Golden Valley
Blink Of Golden Valley
Bunny Of Golden Valley
Echo Of Golden Valley
Nero Of Golden Valley
Nicholas Of Golden Valley
FC Goldwood Tuck OS FDHF
Wind of Woodend
Goldwood Tala
Goldwood Topsy
Goldwood Trigger
FC Golden Beauty Of Roedare OD
Victorious of Roedare OS
FC Patricia of Roedare
Diana of Roedare
Stilrovin Trista
Stilrovin Victory
Am. Dual CH. Stilrovin Nitro Express FDHF DDHF
FC Stilrovin Katherine OD
FC Stilrovin Super Speed FDHF
Am. CH. Stilrovin Shur Shot OS
Stilrovin Express
Stilrovin Vee ***
Stilrovin Top Sergeant
Stilrovin Xpert
Stilrovin Jane
Stilrovin Super X ***
Stilrovin Tola
Stilrovin Top Kick **
Stilrovin Victory Child
Stilrovin War Baby
Stilrovin War Bride
Stilrovin Hi-Speed
Stilrovin Hi-Velocity
Stilrovin Ranger
Stilrovin Bullet *** OS
Stilrovin Rab ***
Am. CH. Goldwood Sonia **
Stilrovin Terrence
Stilrovin Tania
Stilrovin Lady Dianne=Lady Dianne (A126188)
Stilrovin Shunka
Stilrovin Czar
Czar Nicholas
Stilrovin Peter
Gilnockie Coquette OD
Gilnockie Annabelle
Gilnockie Beppo
Can. CH. Gilnockie Patience
Can. CH. Gilnockie Bingo
Gilnockie Annette
Gilnockie Margie
Gilnockie Roberta
Gilnockie Virginia

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