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Sungold Sand Pebbles

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Sungold Sand Pebbles (AKC SC133907 (12/77))
Sungold Sand Kicker *** (AKC SB807290 (10/81))
Sun Gold of Fox Creek (AKC SB908855)
FC AFC Chief Sands OS FDHF (AKC SA438222 (2-69))
Schneiders Sloe Gin (AKC SA457603 (10/1972))
Chief Oshkosh of Stilrovin ** (AKC SA245961 (2/67))
Shenandoah of Stilrovin CD *** OD (AKC SA237713 (5/66))
Sabe Lo Todo Of Stilrovin *** (AKC SA273256 (11/1968))
Can.FTCH,AFTCH Angus Of Stilrovin Am*** (AKC SA275874)
Stilrovin Bolt-Away
Jet Express Of Stilrovin WC (AKC SA295921 (9/68))
Kathy's Rebel of Stilrovin *** (AKC SA282617 (1/1969))
Heeneekis of Stilrovin *** (AKC SA263182 (7/1966))
Olaita Of Stilrovin *** (AKC SA238705 (6/1967))
Shawnee Of Stilrovin (AKC SA272317 (5/1970))
Wiota Of Stilrovin (AKC SA306083 (4/1967))
Bonnie Belle Of Stilrovin (AKC SA279624 (7-68))
Honor Brite Of Stilrovin (AKC SA375052 (12/69))
AFC Gunnerman's Coin of Copper OS FDHF (AKC S822112 (6/61))
Golden Opportunity *** (AKC S981264 (2/1961))
Gunnerman's Copper Penny ** (AKC SA033951 (6/1961))
Gunnerman's Golden Glory (AKC SA048925 (5/62))
Gunnerman's Red Fox * (AKC S980825 (12/60))
Roxanne of Arborvita * (AKC S863012 (5/59))
Svoboda's Proper Cedar Chips *** (AKC S972934 (5/1964))
Gunnermans Friend (AKC S829925 (5/1965))
Miss Tahweena (AKC SA002847 (5/1961))
Gunnerman's Penny Wise (AKC S985173 (10/59))
Stilrovin Kathy-K OD *** (AKC S924591 (12-61))
Stilrovin Slip McCabe *** (AKC SA036377 (6/63))
FC AFC FTCH Stilrovin Tuppee Tee FDHF (AKC S978112 (3/1962))
FC AFC Stilrovin Luke Adew FDHF (AKC S0951922 (6/1961))
FC AFC Stilrovin Savannah Gay FDHF (AKC SA-44248)
Stilrovin Far Daw WC (AKC SA069714 (3/63))
Stilrovin Whitey Barker (AKC SA057620 (5/64))
Stilrovin Jersey Brown ** (AKC SA-045808 (10/63))
Stilrovin Delta Index (AKC S998198 05-62)
Stilrovin Hody Hall (AKC SA036378 (3/67))
Stilrovin Shantytown (AKC S-929090)
Stilrovin Doristown (AKC S926920 (4/61))
Echo of Sands *** (AKC SA210124 (2/67))
Lady Of Melrose Park (AKC SA208544 (10/1969))
Golden Belle Of Chel-Mar (AKC SA222173 (3/67))
Riffwood Sand * (AKC S865700 (2/60))
My Sweet Gus CDX *** (AKC S863250 (4/1959))
Chip of Mosinee (AKC SA197789 (10/63))
So Mo's Tinker (AKC S940869 (2/1959))
Goldie of Merry Jewel (AKC SA77320 (10/63))
Can. FTCH Golden Achievement ** (AKC SA133007)
Sungold Kickoff (AKC SB264253 (3/75))
Sungold Cinnamon Cinder WC (AKC SB264254 (4/76))
Sungold Alladin Riposte ** (AKC SA826136 (4/73))
Tidewater's Sungold Lucky (AKC SA740908 (8/1972))
Sungold's Gena ** (AKC SA754206 (11/1979))
Sungold Judy (AKC SB241543 (11/1975))
Sungold's Laissez Faire *** (AKC SB241541 (7/77))
Sungold Sonnet (AKC SB269553 (11/1975))
Marscher's Sprites Delight (AKC SA771569 (7/1975))
Hammerlock's Sundance Kid (AKC SB094864 (2/1974))
Sungold Serendipity ** (AKC SA739827 (7/75))
Tigathoe's Sungold Charity (AKC SA788459 (12/71))
FC AFC Misty's Sungold Lad CDX OS FDHF (AKC SA032727 (1/69))
Judy Of Windemere (AKC SA357699 (6/68))
Sherrydan Tag * OS (AKC SA166523 (10-63))
Luke's Golden Misty (AKC SA134882 (1/1965))
Blaze Of Glenrol (AKC SA271349 (5/1966))
FC AFC Sungold Sprite CD OD FDHF (AKC SA382654 (4/70))
Bracken Hollow Golden Dawn CD (AKC SA635496 (1-71))
AFC Golden Rocket VI OS (AKC S976261 (4/61))
Patrick Shane Of Ptarmilyn (AKC S906631 (3/1962))
Am. CH. Bracken Hollow Sherry WC OD (AKC SA229246 (6/1966))
Brandi Of Bracken Hollow TD (AKC SA344701 (1/1967))
Brackenhollow Lucy CD * (AKC SA539296 (5/69))
Brackenhollow Rommel (AKC SA351811 (7-68))
Bracken Hollow Tamar CD (AKC SA-344718)
Windmeadow's Wagalong (AKC SA495403 (11/1969))
Bracken Hollow Golden Nugget (AKC SA397316 (1/70))

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