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Goldonoro's Wild Rose

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Goldonoro's Wild Rose
Am. CH. Kiros Sutter Creek Top Flyte (AKC SD723138 (8-84))
Am/Can CH Kiros Jamgo Harmony (AKC SD625435)
Am. CH. Laurell's Golden Oaks Nashua CD WCX (AKC SC796939 (3-81))
Am Ch Sutter Creek Laurell Ruffian CD OD SDHF (AKC SC926827)
Am/Can CH Laurell's Secretariat (AKC SC868309)
Laurell's Riva Ridge (AKC SC868308)
Am CH Laurell's Whirlaway (AKC SC868311)
Am CH Laurell's Seattle Slew (AKC SC868310)
Laurell's Tim Tam Brandywood (AKC SC769411)
Am Can CH Sutter Creek Goldrush Flyboy WC OS SDHF (AKC SC142905 (11/1977))
Am CH Southern's Goldrush Flair CD OD (AKC SC074652)
Am CH Goldrush's Fair Warning (AKC SC-097777)
Goldrush's Forest Hunter (AKC SC110008)
Am CH Goldrush's Frozen Daiquiri CD (AKC SC067199)
Am CH Goldrush's Freedom (AKC SC097778)
Goldrush's Feather Fetcher CD TDX (AKC SC054516)
Am Ch Laurell Yats Of Luck OD (AKC SC483831 (1/80))
Am. CH Laurell's Yellow Jacket OD (AKC SC517104)
Can/Am CH Laurell's York OS (AKC SC450576 (12-79))
AM CH Laurell's Yasmine Of Jenesi (AKC SC405383)
AM CH Laurell's Yolanda CD (AKC SC483830)
Am CH Laurell's Yours Truly (AKC SC513567)
Laurell's Yankee Doodle (AKC SC-415820)
Laurell's Y Not Gamble (AKC SC-337707)
Laurell's Yosemite (AKC SC-368527)
Laurell's Tambora (AKC SD144009 (1/83))
Am CH Laurell's Popocatepetl TD (AKC SC904324)
Laurell's Hill Top Krakatola UD (AKC SC890745)
Am-Can Ch. Kachina's Kiros Karma CD OD Can CD (AKC SC758642)
Am./Can. CH. Kachina Twenty Karat OS SDHF (AKC SC803760 (2-82))
Am. CH. Kachina's Kamiakin O'Darnley CD WC OS SDHF (AKC SC667899 (9/82))
Kachina Dorado El Chacho (AKC SC728458 (7-83))
Am. CH Kachina's Livin' End OD (AKC SC747292)
BISS Am Can CH Gold-Rush's Great Teddy Bear OS SDHF (AKC SB555537 (5-76))
Can CH Gold-Rush Meryl-T-Valentine CanCD OS SDHF (AKC SC404250)
Am CH Russo's Gold-Rush Willow (AKC SC086757 (8-78))
Am./Can. CH. Southern's Gold-Rush Traveler OS SDHF (AKC SC074688 (12-78))
Am. Mex. Ch. Combo Gold Rush Of-Golden Pine CDX WCX (AKC SB523102 (2-76))
Gold Rush Palomino Pony UD WC (AKC SC375036 (12-82))
Gold-Rush Sunset Shadow (AKC SB785655)
Binger's Gold-Rush Rock (AKC SC392185)
Gold-Rush Charlie's Chance (AKC SC042971)
Am CH Gold-Rush's Gold Dust Barney (AKC SB779511)
Am CH Gold-Rush Chance For Mirkwood (AKC SC423630)
Am CH Gold-Rush Prospector (AKC SC524492)
Am CH Golden Pine Angel's Seraphim (AKC SB473462)
Gold-Rush Buckskin Joe (AKC SB794002 (5/1977))
Gold-Rush Buccaneer (AKC SB584327 (5/76))
Am. Can. CH Krishna's E Z Livin' OD (AKC SB-724325)
Am/Can CH Krishna's Klassic Kachina OS SDHF (AKC SB895018 (7/77))
Am CH Krishna's Klassic Texas Pride CD (AKC SB895019)
Am. CH Krishna's Dreamin' E Z O'Marglen CD (AKC SB-701710)
Am. CH Krishna Klassic Melody Of HGL (AKC SB891453 (5-78))
Am. CH Krishna's Ez Street CD (AKC SB696164 (1-78))
Am. CH Krishna's E Z Goin CD OS SDHF (AKC SB623191 (8-76))
Am. CH Krishna's E-Z Lovin' Kachina UD (AKC SB630124 (11/1977))
Am. CH Krishna's Klassic Fantasy (AKC SB-881919 (7/79))
Am. CH Krishna's Klassic Endeavor CDX (AKC SB909736 (12/1977))
Krishna's E Z Taffy (AKC SB651954 (9/77))
Krishna Klassic Bonanza Duce (AKC SB-873910)
Am. CH. Krishna's E Z Duz Zit CD (AKC SB-670956)
Krishna's EZ Flowin' Honey CDX (AKC SB-672619)
Krishna's E Z Captain Holly (AKC SB-702414)
Krishna's Klassic Jasmine (AKC SB-950989)
Krishna's Klassic Moonlight (AKC SB-899578)
Krishna Klassic Masterpiece (AKC SB-988589)
CanCH Mandalaro Goldrush Dancinggypsy CanCD
Can CH Mandalaro Goldrush Miracle OD (AKC SF613901)
Can Ch Mandalaro Goldrush Ted E. Bear Can CD TT OS (CKC PW353202)
Am/Bda CH Copper Lee Gold Rush Apollo OS SDHF (AKC SC578835 (1-80))
Copper Lee Gold-Rush Cascade OD (AKC SC578884 (1/81))
Am CH Gold Rush Copper Lee WC (AKC SC572167)
Copper Lee Goldwing's Diana (AKC SC980198)
Copper Lee Gold Rush Desiree (AKC SC909622)
Am CH Sunshine Hill Copperlee Pozy (AKC SC978100)
Am CH Copper Lee Gold-Rush Legend (AKC SC909623)
Valentine's Golden Teddy Bear
Am. CH. Gold-Rush Skyrocket OS (AKC SB642609 (10-76))
Am./Can. CH. Bonnie Island Gold-Rush Carla Am./Can. UDTX WC OD (AKC SB620033)
Gold-Rush Bonnie Lass OD (AKC SB593073 (5-78))
Ophir Gold (AKC SB614228)
Gold-Rush's Summertime Dream (AKC SC204483)
Gold-Rush Sarah Lee OD (AKC SC-284373)
Am Ch Gold-Rush Lightnin' OS (AKC SC235181 (4/78))
Am./Can. CH Gold-Rush Joshua Of Cameron CD TD SDHF (AKC SC184552 (11/78))
Gold-Rush Russo's Clover (AKC SC028671 (9-79))
CH Gold-Rush's Great Masterpiece (AKC SC190073 (9-79)
Am/Can CH Goldrush's Indy Five Hundred OD (AKC SC428319)
Goldrush's Independent Agent CDX (AKC SC472618)
Goldrushs Abbie
Am./Can. CH. Vegas' Goldmark Gilligan Am./Can. CD (AKC SB849961 (8-78))
Vegas' Gogo-Genie (AKC SB972605 (12-77))
Ginseng Gold-Of-Pleasure (AKC SB849960 (10/78))
Vegas' Galaxy Gold Adam WC (AKC SB-832853)
Vegas' Jack of Diamonds (AKC SC447307)
Am. CH. Goldrush's Birch of Bearwood CD WC OD (AKC SB022910 (5-74))
Lady Suzanne Of Bearwood (AKC SB036883 (6/1974))

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