Golden Retriever

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Webshire's Twist JH WC CCA

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Webshire's Twist JH WC CCA
Webshire's Dr. Watson
Blondie of Chantauqua
Berg's Jake
Hein's Stanley
Gustafson's Remington
Webshire's Clue's Ruby
Stradley's Marley
U-CH Webshire's One More Day MH **
Am CH Kamaglo's Original Formula CDX JH WCX VCX OS
Kamaglo Krishna Original Sin
Kamaglo Merigold Dakota
Kamaglo Merigold Gypsy
Kamaglo Merigold In Ernest
Kamaglo Merigold Wee Willy
Kamaglo's Original Model
Kamaglo's Original Blend
Kamaglo's Original Idea CDX, AXP, OJP
Kamaglo Original Champagne
Kamaglo's Merigold Gillian
Am CH Krishna's Eddington Of Sabra CDX JH WC VC OS
Ch Krishna Spirit of Sabra SDHF
Ch Krishna Sonata Of Sabra
Ch Krishna Corey Of Sabra
Bruwins Shining Halo
Merigold Kamaglo Grand Nosh'n CDX JH WC VC OD
Am./UKC/Can. CH., U-CDX Merigold's Grand Marnier UD, JH, WC, VCX, S-CDX, Can. CDX, CGC
Am./Can. CH Merigold's Little Peterbilt Can.CD
Merigold Xanthus Grand Topaz CGC THD
Am. CH. Merigold's Grand Cru CD
Webshire's Chasing A Dream JH WCX
'Sa 'Can Wape 'Gi Wa JH
Calhouns Show Me The Money
Mioak's Montana To Rice MH
Splashdown Mioak's Rip MH ***
Mioak's Corey's Gidget Goo WC
Sundaze Mioaks Con Brio MH *** OS
Mioak's Deerwood Blaze
Mioak's Whole Enchilada ***
Mioak's Tag A Long
Firemaple's No Dumb Blonde SH
Shilo Adamy Sungold
Webshire's A Bit Of A Flirt
Shilo's High Brass Magnum
John's Chevy SH
Farmer's Forever Loyal Lucas
Big Sky Ricky
Webshire's A Study in Saffron CDX JH NAP WCX OD CCA VC CGC
Webshire's Road Trip CD MH24 WCX
AFC AFTCH Rosehill's Mr Speaker MH OS CCA FDHF
Choctaw's Dixieland Delight CGC
Sunny's Sports Fan
Shakin' Sambo Hillclimber
Jake Of Sunny Rain Check
Toffe (SN14124109)
Sunny's Daily Double
Teeca Otay Too **
Rocky Top's You Got Potential
Sunny's Bodacious Blonde
AFC Mioak's Rain Check OS FDHF
Mioaks Fire Fox ***
Frisbies Enchanted Nutmeg
Mioak's Tioga Hawk
Otay's Sunny Summer JH ***
Otay's California She-Devil SH ***
Rosehill's Otay By Me MH ***
Cheerios Hi-Ho ***
Otay's Clipper **
Otay's Coyote ***
Otay Golden Sundance Eagle CD
Otay's Pack Rat CD
Otay Aint' Just Whislin' Dixie CDX JH
Webshire's a Piece of the Past OD
Heatherwood's Glory Road CD JH WC
Heatherwood's Country Charm CD, JH
Heatherwood's Light In August MH
WR Crow River's Golden Widget CD MH WCX ** OS
Thistle Rocks Glenda
Thistle Rocks Brook
Thistle Rocks Red Man
Thistlerocks Creep N' Charlie ***
Heatherwood's Magic Moment CD JH WC
Heatherwood's Autumn Star CDX JH WCX

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