Golden Retriever

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Beauregard of Dominion Hills

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Beauregard of Dominion Hills (AKC SB200767)
Beauregard of Montagu (AKC SA-860549 (11/1972))
Teddy XVII (AKC SB331559 (4/1974))
Golden Julie Of Wando (AKC SB3847 (1/1973))
Rebel Yell A-Go-Go (AKC SA858581 (11/1975))
Julia's Huger of Hobcaw (AKC SA683613 (3-71))
Cinderella's Golden Fleece (AKC SA688273 (10/71))
Jim Island's Red (AKC SB028046 (6/1972))
Martin's Rambling Red (AKC SA721829 (10/1970))
Lochan Ora Del Bayou (AKC SA721387 (11/1973))
Beauregarde Of Hobcaw (AKC SA636995 (9/69))
Hasen's Able Angel (AKC SA511294 (9/69))
Am. CH. Brigman's Golden Rebel (AKC SA511991 (11-70))
Hasen's Maude of Diamond (AKC SA-530694-8/69)
Hasen's Southern Lady (AKC SA511990 (12/69))
Baroness Brandy Of Hasen (AKC SA520455 (8/1970))
Posey's Bacot of Hobcaw (AKC SA665418 (3-71))
Quasar Of Pine Mountain (AKC SA667494 (10/1972))
Am./Can. CH. Kyrie Firebrand Fidor Am./Can. CDX Am. TD WC, Bda. CD (AKC SA284854 (2/66))
Goldenstone's Filia of Kyrie CD (AKC SA322603 (3/1966))
Kyrie Fiery Flicker CD
Kyrie Fidelio CD
Kyrie Fire O'Gold (AKC SA-279755)
Hasen's Maude of Diamond (AKC SA-530694-8/69)
Am. CH. Brigman's Golden Rebel (AKC SA511991 (11-70))
Hasen's Southern Lady (AKC SA511990 (12/69))
Baroness Brandy Of Hasen (AKC SA520455 (8/1970))
Hasen's Able Angel (AKC SA511294 (9/69))
Princess Katharine (AKC SA828487 (4/1972))
General George of Gala House (AKC SA309274 (6/69))
Goldenrod's Oh Be Joyful (AKC S985080 (5/1964))
AFC Goldenrod's Thanksgiving FDHF (AKC S862443 (3/60))
Goldenrod's Felicity (AKC S932548 (10/59))
Goldenrod's Merry-Go-Round (AKC S875497 (2/1960))
Goldenrod's Merry Laughter (AKC S875498 (10/1958))
Goldenrod's Happy Talk (AKC S987451 (10/59))
Goldenrod's Snow Bunting (AKC SA75611 (8/1963))
Daffodil of Fox Hill (AKC SA498879 (6/1969))
Monhabie Zackary (AKC SA472897 (8/1967))
Rebecca Of Arcadia (AKC SA281843 (8/1966))
Tawny Judith (AKC SA046525 (10/1961))
Thibs Golden Boy (AKC SA061273 (12/65))
Slick Trick's Ginger Snap (AKC SA303548 (9/66))
Honey Of Toniangil (AKC SA251932 (2/1966))
Midas' Golden Trinket (AKC SA202674 (1/68))

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