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Rocheby Cherish at Birchbrook

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Rocheby Cherish at Birchbrook
Rocheby Chalice (Other KC K0880203K05)
Ch Rocheby Charity Of Charway
SA Ch Rocheby Chancellor Of Follytower
Gb CH Charway Ballywillwill (Other KCSB 2992 BP)
Charway Ballypinder
Charway Ballyeve ( KC C603861D1)
C.C.W. Ballyduff Spruce (Other KCSB 0909 BM)
Ballyduff Spice of Wetherlam (KC B3572806C09)
AmCH Ballyduff Lark (AKC SC647154)
SUCH NUCH Ballyduff Fergus (Other S57685/76)
Ballyduff Ballad (Other KCSB 2967BL)
Ballyduff Karen
Ballyduff Sparkler (AKC SC611405)
N Ch Ballyduff Kerry
Similar Of Timspring
Ballyduff Kestrel
Ballyduff Barnes of Shenandoah
GB.Ch. Timspring Sirius (Other KCSB 2414BI)
INTCH DKCH DKBRCH Timspring Sultan (FCI DK 19761/73)
Timspring Sparkle (Other KCSB 3542BL)
Timepring Sirius
GB Ch Timspring Serendipity
C.C.W. Spark of Ballyduff (Other KCSB 0400BJ)
GB Ch Squire of Ballyduff (Other KCSB 2157BJ)
Can.Ch. Spartan of Ballyduff
SE UCh, SE FT Ch. Pendil of Ballyduff (FCI S49680/75)
AmCH Martin Of Ballyduff (AKC SC396902)
Ch Arkle of Ballyduff (KC KCSB 0215BJ)
Steward of Ballyduff (CKC 977914)
Charway Simona (Other KC B1169103 B10)
Charway Solitaire of Simonville
GB Ch Sandylands Mark (KCSB 1197AZ)
GB ShCh/AmCh Sandylands Midas (Other KCSB 0801AZ)
Sandylands Memory (Other KCRE 85821/65)
Am. Ch. Sandylands Mona Lisa
Roncott Bitty Girl
GB.Ch. Charway Little Sian (Other 1731BL)
AmCH Charway Littlejohn (AKC SB824950)
ShCh Follytower Charlotte of Rocheby (Other KCSB 2761BV)
Follytower Sir Ken (Other KCSB 4385BR)
GB. Sh. Ch. Follytower Kirsty (Other KCSB 2614BQ)
Ch. Sandylands Sovereign of Suddie (Other KC 157664/75)
Sh. Ch. Sandylands Sparkle (Other KCSB 1850BL)
Sandylands Sincerity of Suddie
Sandylands Solace at Linershwood (FCI REG157667/75)
GB Ch. Sam of Suddie (Other KCSB 1294BF)
GB.Ch. Othamcourt Shane of Suddie (Other KCSB 3305BD)
Selena of Suddie (48844)
GB Sh. Ch. Sandylands Mercy (Other KCSB 1847BJ)
Am CH Sandylands Markwell Of Lockerbie (AKC SC148602)
CSSRCH Sandylands Marcus
Sandylands Marksboy of Langdale (Other KCSB 4107BL)
GB Sh Ch Ardmargha Sandylands Mirth (Other KCSB 1083 BL)
Sandylands Meddler
Aust Ch Sandylands Max
Sandylands Merry
Sandylands Marsboy of Langdale
Sandylands Merriment
Kupros Moonriver of Follytower (KC KCSB 2699BP)
C.C.W. Kupros My Lady (KC KCSB 1457BL)
Kupros Marcia of Blondella (KC KCSB 2018BL)
Kupros Marylla
Kupros Mr Magic (AKC SC017353)
Kupros Moonraker of Nokeener
Kupros Marionette (FCI JRLR 60006)
Kupros Misty Maid (N 02443/76)
GB Ch Follytower Merrybrook Black Stormer (KCSB 1988B)
Merrybrook Black Chieftain
DKCH DKBRCH Merrybrook Black Duke (DK 03342/70)
Ballyduff Morella (Other KCS4219/360)
GB.Ch. Ballyduff Marketeer (Other KCSB 2474BG)
Eng.Aust.NZ.Ch. Ballyduff Marshall (Other KCSB 2544BK)
Ballyduff Maroon (Other S07335/74)
Ballyduff Marksman (FCI N01514/73)
Ballyduff Marilla
Ballyduff Marine

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