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GB Ch/AmCh Kimvalley Crispin

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

GB Ch/AmCh Kimvalley Crispin (AKC SA426298 (10/67))
GBCH Cornlands Kimvalley Crofter (Other KCSB 1914AZ)
Cornlands Kimvalley Countryman
Am. Ch. Kimvalley Cinderella
GB CH Sandylands Tandy (Other KCSB 0513AW)
GB Ch. Sandylands Truth (Other KCSB 2342AU)
Candlemas Sandylands Timber (Other KC69361/360)
Trewinnard Sandylands Tanita (KC KCSB 0839AY)
Reanacre Sandylands Tarmac (Other KCSB 1136AX)
Sandylands Tarna (Other KCSB 1935 AX)
GB CH DK UCH NO UCH INT UCH Redgame Sandylands Tango (FCI DKK 239574G)
AmCH Sandylands Tar (SA118350) (AKC SA118350 (9/64))
Sandylands Trust of Blaircourt
Threepears Sandylands Tania (Other KCSB 1321AV)
UK Sh Ch, AM Ch Sandylands Tanna (KC KCSB 0676AV)
AM Ch Sandylands Tara (AKC SA259976)
Aust CH Sandylands Tan (Other KCSB2274AT)
Sandylands Trill
SE UCh, NO UCh Sandylands Rough Tweed (Other S24531/64)
GBCH Sandylands Topaz (FCI DKK 228613G)
CH Sandylands Trade Wind of the Brigade (KUSA)
Sandylands Token of Sketchley
Candelab Sandylands Tinsel
GB Ch. Sandylands Tweed of Blaircourt (Other KCSB 1509AS)
Thor of Blaircourt
Oakshaw Tranquil of Blaircourt
Sandylands Annabel (KC KC 24889/58)
Redgame Gamekeeper
Sandylands Shadow (Other KCRE 36631/59)
Ch Sandylands Showman of Landrow (Other KCSB 0704AU)
GB Sh.Ch. Sandylands Sam (Other KCSB 1036AT)
Sandylands Sugar Bush of Rockabee
Reanacre Sandylands Sambo
ShCh/AmCh/CanCh Sam Of Blaircourt (AKC S974776 (12/1959))
Sally of Blaircourt
Diant Pride
Diant Joy of Braeduke (Other KCSB 0307AQ)
Diant Observer
Kimvalley Guildown Cassandra (Other KCSB 1515AU)
Guildown Charley (Other KCSB882AU)
Guildown Charlie
Ch Whatstandwell Coronet (UKC KCSB 1285AM)
FTCh Whatstandwell Hiwood Brand
Ch Honey of Whatstandwell
Guildown Ecrue
Guildown Ecru (KCSB 568AM)
GB CH Diant Swandyke Cream Cracker (2309AJ)
GB Ch Landyke Poppy (Other KCSB 0683AL)
Swandyke Lucky Lass
Gunsmith Silver Flight
Guildown Margherita (KCSB 1783AH)

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