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HCh Kalocsahazi Dely (daughter of Kalocsahazi Alfonzi

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

HCh Kalocsahazi Dely (daughter of Kalocsahazi Alfonzi (A/A)
Kalocsahazi Flora
IntCh, ChHun, Austria, JChHun Jackralee Onyx of Galans Derby winner, Bundessieger 95, Champion of Champ. (HD B(1995))
Eng. SH. Ch. Amirene Pacifique (BVA Hip Score 4:4)
Amirene Partisan (BVA Hip Score 8:10)
Eng. SH. Ch. Stanroph Soldier Boy (Unknown BVA Hip Score 7:7)
Stanroph Shere Nectar Of Garvin (Unknown BVA Hip Score 4:4)
Stanroph Seventh Heaven
Stanroph Shine For Sure (BVA Hip Score 15:9)
Stanroph Sinclair Boy
Stanroph Solid Steel (B1)
Amirene Integrity (BVA Hip Score 5:5)
Fr. Dual CH., Swiss CH., Int. CH. Amirene Intrepid (BVA Hip Score 2:2)
SUCH Amirene Larus (BVA Hip Score 5:4)
Amirene Liberator At Delcott (BVA Hip Score 6:6)
Amirene Innocence
Amirene Ichikoo At Ritaleo
amirene laird funnyline
Linchael Solitaire of Jackralee (BVA 4:5)
Linchael Fjaril (4:6)
Sansue True Style at Linchael (BVA Hip Score 4:4)
Eng. CH. Sansue Royal Fancy (Unknown BVA Hip Score 3:3)
Eng. SH. CH. Sansue Spring Mist Of Rambleyne (BVA hips 2:3)
Eng. CH. Sansue Royal Flair (Unknown BVA Hip Score 4:4)
Sansue Royal Fling Of Darrochonna (Unknown BVA Hip Score 2:4)
Sansue Royal Flush Of Pyngold (Unknown BVA Hip Score 2:3)
Sansue True Blue Of Symplea (Unknown BVA Hip Score 6:4)
Sansue Royal Faith (BVA Hp Score 2:2)
Sansue SPRING MELODY of Fadius
Sansue True Sandstone
Sansue True Diamond Of Alecire (3:4)
Sansue Spring Fashion
Sansue Trueman (UA (6/30/1988))
Sansue True To Me
JKC Ch. Sansue Spring Fever CD1
Sansue True Melody of Gainspa
Sansue True Image Of Rojosco (3:5)
Linchael Greetings
Linchael Christmas Cracker (OVC AA0195)
Linchael Festival of Strathearn (BVA Hip Score 21:14)
Linchael Myrrh (Sweden HD U (1/12/1989))
Linchael Frankincense
Kalocsahazi Alfonzina
Kalocsahazi Carmencita
Kalocsahazi Cili
Kalocsahazi Amanda
Kalocsahazi Bertold
Kalocsahazi Barbara
Int.CH HCH HJCH Glengilde Kwizz Ava of Galans Hungaria Derby Winner (0/0)
Glengilde Kwikstep (4:6)
Glengilde Highland Lad (BVA 3:4)
Glengilde Highland Flora (3:5)
Glengilde Ice Angel (BVA 6:6)
Glengilde Maggimae (6:9)
Templomteri Bright Alfonzina
Templomteri Bright Alexandra
Alagi-Hod Botond
Ligeti-Brighton Alexandra
Ligeti-Brighton Aranka
Ligeti-Brighton Angelika

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