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Martina of Mardas

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Martina of Mardas (Other KCRE C6161708E09)
Mr Blue Sky of Mardas
NO UCH Mardas The Minstrel
ShCh Martin of Mardas (Other KCSB 4593BL)
GB.Ch. Ballyduff Marketeer (Other KCSB 2474BG)
Eng.Aust.NZ.Ch. Ballyduff Marshall (Other KCSB 2544BK)
Ballyduff Morella (Other KCS4219/360)
Ballyduff Maroon (Other S07335/74)
Ballyduff Marksman (FCI N01514/73)
Ballyduff Marilla
Ballyduff Marine
GB Ch Sandylands Mark (KCSB 1197AZ)
GB ShCh/AmCh Sandylands Midas (Other KCSB 0801AZ)
Sandylands Memory (Other KCRE 85821/65)
Am. Ch. Sandylands Mona Lisa
Roncott Bitty Girl
GB.Ch. Ballyduff Marina (KC KCSB 0337BG)
C.C.W. Bridget of Tuddenham and Ballyduff (Other KCSB 2678BH)
GB.Ch. Curnafane Seamansal (Other KCSB 1618BG)
Follytower Spindrift (Other KCSB 2867BE)
C.C.W. Ballyduff Coxswain (KC KCSB 2850BF)
Mardas Vivette (Other KCSB 2205BK)
Keithray Venturesome
Keithray Velma
Llanrigg Keithray Verbena
Bridget of Rosevilla
Stronvay Hopper (Other KCREG59025/75)
Ferridown Forester (Other KCSB 2338BE)
Ferndale Forester
GB. Ch. Lowna Suffolk Gem (Other KCSB93BC)
Ferridown Harmony (Other KCREG3726/67)
Stronvay Poolstead Pensive
Eryri Poolstead Pirate (Other KCSB 2393BF)
Ch. Poolstead Pilgrim
Poolstead Petunia
Silvercove Poolstead Petal
GB CH Sandylands Tandy (Other KCSB 0513AW)
GB Ch. Sandylands Truth (Other KCSB 2342AU)
Candlemas Sandylands Timber (Other KC69361/360)
Trewinnard Sandylands Tanita (KC KCSB 0839AY)
Reanacre Sandylands Tarmac (Other KCSB 1136AX)
Sandylands Tarna (Other KCSB 1935 AX)
GB CH DK UCH NO UCH INT UCH Redgame Sandylands Tango (FCI DKK 239574G)
AmCH Sandylands Tar (SA118350) (AKC SA118350 (9/64))
Sandylands Trust of Blaircourt
Threepears Sandylands Tania (Other KCSB 1321AV)
UK Sh Ch, AM Ch Sandylands Tanna (KC KCSB 0676AV)
AM Ch Sandylands Tara (AKC SA259976)
GB Ch Poolstead Powder Puff (Other KCSB 1848AY)
UK Sh Ch Poolstead Personality of Lawnwood (Other KCSB 1729BA)

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