Golden Retriever

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Cool Marker's Ebony Shayenne

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Cool Marker's Ebony Shayenne
Cool Marker's Edlynne
Cool Marker's Eilidh
Cool Marker's Eloy
Cool Marker's Empitch
Cool Marker's Ella
FTAW Clockburn Clyde
Clockburn Boris
Clockburn Bliss
Brightfoot Kit
Kingsteary Pierce
Darnaway Ranulf
Fleet Raedmund
Ghillie Dollarbank
Glenmazeron Jock
Kylachie Frewin
Greenfoot Barra
Greenfoot Buick
Eval Trevorgie
Blackcraig Arran of Clockburn
Blackcraig Greenfinch
Blackcraig Eagle
Blackcraig Muldoon
Blackcraig Raven
Gortons Wolf Whistler of Clockburn
Gortons Spring Melody of Warpersmoss
Gortons Eye of the Storm
Gortons Maid the Mist
Barnstormer Beauty of Blackcraig
Cool Marker's Dudgue
Cool Markerīs Dylan
Cool Marker's Dalila
Cool Marker's Dune
Golden Shenandoah Fingley
Golden Shenandoah Famous Grouse
Golden Shenandoah Fiddich
Golden Shenandoah Famous Tiquila Sunrise
Golden Shenandoah Fitzgerald Ella
Golden Shenandoah Flower Fairy
Golden Shenandoah Hobgoblin
Tauvechan Minstrel
Tauvechan Meteor
Tauvechan Magnum
Tauvechan Marguerite
Tauvechan Medlar
Tauvechan Melody
Tauvechan Mimosa
Tauvechan Myrtle of Tarinomagh
Tauvechan Magic
Standerwick Colette
Standerwick Copelia
Standerwick Corey
Standerwick Cara
O'Myra of Graceful Delight
FT.W O'Teazle of Graceful Delight
Original Fame of Graceful Delight
O'Malley of Graceful Delight
Odiham of Graceful Delight
Outback Sunshine of Graceful Delight
Okley Dokey Snert of Graceful Delight
Orange Tangle of Graceful Delight
Lucky Luuk v.d. Woudstreek
Little Spica v.d. Woudstreek
Lars v.d. Woudstreek
Limit v.d. Woudstreek
Little Joey v.d. Woudstreek
Lizzy v.d. Woudstreek
Lucas v.d. Woudstreek
DKJCH Endrickbank Clover
Endrickbank Contender
Endrickbank Charmer
Ft Ch Endrickbank Celt
Endrickbank Caper
Endrickbank Cedar
Endrickbank Copper

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