Golden Retriever

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Goldie of Astalemar

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Goldie of Astalemar
Tom's Ali Gandy
Darlie's Gateway Lassie
Ellenwood's Glittering Mike
Sandhill's Golden Lady
Golden Sands Butch
Ellenwood's Glittering Tom
Mueller's Glittering Don
Kalott's Glittering Sally
Thompson's Gold Trigger Boy
Mueller's Billie
Trigger (A732884)
Apache (A732880) ***
Gypsy Rose
Sioux (A732883)
Paddler (A732882)
Stilrovin Chiang
Stilrovin Lady Peppie
Stilrovin Ginger
Stilrovin Challenge
Gypsy Queen of Chateau d'Or
Jill of Chateau d'Or
Jeff of Chateau d'Or
Tom Of Chateau d'Or
Tip Of Chateau d'Or
Top Of Chateau d'Or
Jerry Of Chateau d'Or
Jack Of Chateau d'Or
Tess Of Chateau d'Or
Pudge Of Chateau d'Or
Mueller's Golden Girl Kay
Lenclar Glamazon Girl
Oakcreek's Celestial Queen
Oakcreek's Lady Amber OD
Beavertail Nugget
Lenclar Dynamite
Beavertail Sally
Suds Of Mattapan CD
Mueller's Rusty Boy
Oakcreek's Nitro Tuck
Butler's Beauty
Lenclar Penny
Mueller's Gold
Pigeon River Mike
Beavertail Speedwell
Beavertail Gip **
Beavertail Sandy (A529408)
Beavertail Susie
Beavertail Daniel Boone
Beavertail Niobe
Beavertail Sir Haw Chumbley
Beavertail Bonnie
Beavertail Molly
Beavertail Aria
Tuck's Wonewoc Lady
Beavertail Mike
Lord Rusty
Ellenwood's Gateway Goldie
Slap of Rochester's Goldie
Golden Laddie II
Slap Of Rochester's Rocky
Rockhaven Rusty II
Golden Lady VI (S097900)
King Royal (S104365)
Shy Ann Lady (S138575)
Slap of Rochester
Goldielocks Of Castle Ridge
Haney's Golden Lady
Duke of Mille Lac
Duchess Of Game Haven
Louisiana Queen
Am. CH. Duke Of Rochester (A491614) **
Jill Of Pamasons
Goldy Of Mankato
Golden Charm
Sheltercove Patricia
Roxie Ann OD
Rusty Priest
Ginger (A600737)
Whitefish Bay Laddie
Strike's Golden Peggy
Am./Can. CH. Des Lacs Lassie CD WC OD SDHF
Am. CH. Patricia Of Rochester
Duckerbird Gay Girl
Sealybourne Babe
Shelter Cove Amber
Patricia Of Willow Lake
Shag Of Camden
Speedwell Buck
Queen of Sebewing
Lady Of Rochester
Duchess Ann
Shelter Cove Russett II
Dobbin Of Robbin
Giltway Strike ***
Giltway Gold Digger **
Giltway Gold Dust
Giltway Nugget
Giltway Rush
Maryann of Roc-Roix
Peter Pan Of Roc-Roix
Bomber Of Roc-Roix
King Golden Sioux
Gold Star Jade
Roc Of Roc-Roix
Jill Of Roc-Roix
Demurph Of Reykjavik
Roc-Ette **
Liz of Roc-Roix
Flak Of Roc-Roix
Major Of Roc-Roix

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