Golden Retriever

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Mochavulin Penny Farthing

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Mochavulin Penny Farthing (ZA010686B11)
Mochavulin Star of Gold (ZA010682B11)
Mochavulin Shackle (ZA010683B11)
Ch Mochavulin Sir Jacob of Paddocks (ZA 010684B11)
Mochavulin King of the Road (ZA 010685B11)
Mochavulin Sweet Rose (ZA010687B11)
Mochavulin Miss Hannah (ZA010688B11)
Mochavulin Miss Casey (ZA010689B11)
Mochavulin Taste of Honey (ZA010690B11)
Mochavulin Miss Tiana (ZA010693B11)
Ch Tamnavulin Celtic Prince (Other BW008547)
Tamnavulin Prince of Gold
Tamnavulin Spiritofthemist
Tamnavulin Amber Warrior
Tamnavulin Kings Ransom at Redsteps
Ch Redsteps Nicholas (Other BH029983)
Bluebraes Flashdance of Tamnavulin
Bluebraes Rainsplash
Bluebraes Bardolino
Bluebraes Lord O'the Dance
CH Saxamel Natascha of Tamnavulin (BT016943)
CH Rozklynbony Farad (BN017562)
CH Kincora Excalibur (BP011189)
Ch & Ch Ob Cart Kincora Joker of Summerfold CDEX NHR
Goldenzauer Wynter Minx of Mochavulin (Other ZA017406B09)
Goldenzauer Wynter Bear
Goldenzauer Phoenix Fyre
Goldenzauer Wynter Frost
Goldenzauer Wynter Storm
Goldenzauer Jeffrey Raymond
Goldenzauer Gabriella Angel
Goldenzauer Comtesse Bijoe
Goldenzauer Wynter Jewel
Goldenzauer Summer Rayne (Other ZA034086B10)
Goldenzauer Summer Thyme (Other ZA034089B19)
Goldenzauer Tangledup (Other ZA034085B10)
Goldenzauer Fire On Ice (Other ZA034091B10)
Goldenzauer Sumtimes Alady (ZA034090B10)
Goldenzauer Starting Alover (Other ZA034082B10)
Goldenzauer Dakota Sunrise (Other ZA034083B10)
Goldenzauer Summerlad (Other ZA034087B10)
Goldenzauer King Cayenne (Other ZA034084B10)
Goldenzauer Summer Legacy (Other ZA034088B10)
BISS Ch Barleywood Autumn Lad of Goldenzauer CGC (Other BU015672)
SA Ch Barleywood Bushwillow of Chardale
SA Ch Linchael Fascination of Macanne (Other CR015497)
Linchael Eternity De La Enna
Linchael Love Is All
Linchael Love Song for Chisleay
Linchael Lovestory at Chisleay
Linchael Ti Amo
SA Ch Macanne Nutkin of Barleywood
SA Ch Macanne Newsflash (Other BQ011429)
SA CH Giltedge Martina for Goldenzauer (Other CY004168)
Giltedge Amelie
Giltedge Serena
Giltedge Song and Dance
Dewmist Silversong (Other S34456/2004)
Aust CH Dewmist Silverling
Dewmist Silversmith
Dewmist Silverwing
Giltedge Poetry In Motion (Other 2100195406)
Giltedge Lyric (Other 2100195406)
Giltedge Sonnet (Other 2100195407)
Aust Grand Champion Giltedge The Poet

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