Golden Retriever

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CFTCH Erinhills Rug Cutter *** FDHF

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

CFTCH Erinhills Rug Cutter *** FDHF (OFA GR-40434G49M)
Erinhills Fly The Bunker CanSH Am**
Erinhills Sidewinder ** (OFA GR-47128E24F)
Erinhills Copper of Goldendale
Erinhill's Abbey Road
FC AFC Tangelo's Side Kick OS FDHF (OFA GR 15144)
Sungold Sand Kicker *** (OFA GR 6206)
Sungold Sand Pebbles (OFA GR-8483)
Sun Gold of Fox Creek (OFA GR-6469)
FC AFC Chief Sands OS FDHF (OFA GR-715)
Schneiders Sloe Gin
Sungold Kickoff (OFA GR-4619)
Sungold Cinnamon Cinder WC (OFA GR-3299)
Sungold Alladin Riposte ** (OFA GR-1285)
Tidewater's Sungold Lucky (OFA GR-2019)
Sungold's Gena **
Sungold Judy (OFA GR-3007)
Sungold's Laissez Faire *** (OFA GR-3997)
Sungold Sonnet (OFA GR-3203)
Marscher's Sprites Delight
Hammerlock's Sundance Kid
Sungold Serendipity **
Tigathoe's Sungold Charity
Troymar Shasta Spring WCX (OFA GR 9633)
Caernac's Troymar Blair Galen CD *** WC (OFA GR-9749-T)
Caernac's Troymar Trang *** WCX (OFA GR-7769)
Troymar Goldrush Molly CD WCX ** (OFA GR-6984)
Bainin of Caernac CD *** OS (OFA GR-1389E75M-T)
Montclair Tawny Edison CD WCX OD (OFA GR 1357)
Montclair Rusti Of Tustin
Montclair's Deke Of Woodacre
Montclaire Miss Dollee **
FTCH AFTCH Erinhills Nellie O'Sky **
Smoke 'N Red Raider *** (OFA GR-15052)
FC AFC Windbreakers Mighty Mo OS FDHF (OFA GR-19196 Normal)
Windbreakers Desert Dust *** OD (OFA GR-19928)
FC AFC Topbrass Windbreaker Zap OS FDHF (OFA GR-22104)
FTCH Windbreakers Khaki Kipp Am *** Can. CDX (OFA GR-16381-T)
Frisbies Olympia Gold ** OS (OFA GR-22137 Normal)
FC AFC Windbreakers Smoke'n Zigzag OD FDHF (OFA GR-15275)
NAFTCH FTCH Brasdor's Razzl Dazzl Am. *** OD Can. FDHF (OVC 007647)
Windbreaker's Roxy Roller WCX *** (OFA GR-24640G36F-T)
Windbreaker Echo Of Topbrass *** OD (OFA GR-19292)
Windbreakers Red Smoke *** (OFA GR-19231)
Windbreakers Pandemonium *** (OFA GR-15212)
Windbreaker's Scout's Honor *** (OFA GR-22154)
Windbreakers Smoken Sunrise WCX *** (OFA GR-25852G24F)
MHR Sunshine Otis Spunkmeyer MH WCX *** (OFA GR-23519G32M)
Windbreakers Magic Carpet JH (OFA GR-33257G73F)
Windbreaker's Gold Huntress (OFA GR-27209G29F)
FTCH AFTCH CanOTCH Windbreaker Bulrush Buddy Can FDHF Am CDX OS (OFA GR-22331F25M-T)
Windbreakers Shuttle Express MH (OFA GR-26737G28F)
Tartan Windbreaker
Frisbies Enchanted Case-Y *** (OFA GR-25831G24M)
Sharham's Flash Of Gold *** (OFA GR-14609)
Windbreaker's Smoke'n Top Gun (OFA GR-26168G44F)
Smoke'n Red's Howlin Mad
Windbreakers Ocean Pacific WC (OFA GR-19297)
Mallardiths Rowdy JH (OFA GR-26308G26F)
Windbreakers Pestuous Gale SH (OFA GR-18181 Normal)
Windbreakers Sparklen Saber (OFA GR-26516G62F)
Tigathoe's Burnout (OFA GR-20268 Good)
Hot Shot Sugar Britches (OFA GR-27573G63F)
Windbreakers Razzle Dazzle (OFA GR-21983 Good)
Razz's Smoke'n Dixie Belle (OFA GR-26063G25F)
Smoke'n Red's Southern Comfort (OFA GR-30729G42M)
Dusty's Golden Destiny **
AFC Yankee's Smoke'n Red Devil OS (OFA GR-10127)
Yankee Silly Fonthillian Am-Can ***
Yankee Starfire
FC Windbreakers Razzmatazz OD (OFA GR-10134 Normal)
Sungold Applause
Beowulf II (SC704125)
Belvedere's Musicmaker (OFA GR-18245)
NAHRA HR Scarlet O'Hara Of Belvedere *** OD (OFA GR-17229)
Belvedere's Mysti Dawn (OFA GR-17909-T)
Ronakers Belvedere Firewater (OFA GR-17105)
Holway Gillie *** (OFA GR2936)
Eng. FT. CH. Holway Gem
Holway Glitter Of Belway
Holway Gwynne
Holway Gayna of Penkyll
Holway Grant
Sky-Lab Belvedere's Baby Doll *** OD (OFA GR-10500-T)
Sky-Lab Argus of Belvedere *** OS (OFA GR-8792)
Splashdown Sky-Lab Syndicate *** (OFA GR-8785)
Skylab Special Edition ***
Terraqua's Skylab Sally Forth WCX (OFA GR-9165)
Falcon Lake Golden Skywalker
Sky-Lab's Kate Kan-Do CD, WC (OFA GR-8978-T)
Skylab's Angel Cloudfeather (OFA GR-12998)
Sky-Lab Chip UD WCX (OFA GR-12999)
Sky-Lab Solitaire (OFA GR-15809)
Sky Lab Sully (OFA GR-15673)
Splashdown Sky-Lab Starfire (OFA GR-11678)
Barty's Golden Dancer ***

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