Golden Retriever

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Colorbook's Happy Time Doll CGC CCA

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Colorbook's Happy Time Doll CGC CCA (AKC SR71853607)
Colorbook's Just Call Me Happy (AKC SR71853606)
Am/Can BISS Am GCH. Can/Intl Ch Goldtales Mister Big Time OS RA CGC (AKC SR39426911)
Goldtales The Big Kahuna (AKC SR39426901)
Goldtales Under The Big Top (AKC SR39426902)
Goldtales Big Montague (AKC SR39426910)
Goldtales Big Girls Don't Cry (AKC SR39426912)
Can. CH. Goldtales Magic on the Big Screen (AKC SR39426913)
Am/Can CH Kalar's Four Paw Drive BISS (CKC MQ829679 SR16085802)
Can Ch Kalar's Fast Cars Fast Boys (CKC MQ829678)
Can Ch Kalar's Echo Of Dawnfire
Kalar's Little Miss Sporty
Can CH Madisons Stack The Deck OS (CKC EN300697)
Can. CH Madisons Matthew For Verdoro (CKC AY053705)
CanCH Collinterra's Madison Rose
Can CH Madisons Briar Scout (CKC AY-058700)
Can CH Devanor's My Blue Heaven OD (CKC KJ656348)
CanCH Devanor's Blue Betr Believe It JH WC Can SDHF (CKC KJ656344)
Can CH Devanor's A Cool Change (CKC LG740100)
CanCH Devanor's Blue By You (CKC KJ656350)
CanCH Devanor Loose Change In Kairo (CKC LG740106)
Devanor's Ex Changer CD (CKC LG740100)
Devanor The Winds of Change
Can Ch Devanor's Believes In Change FM CD
Devanor's Blue What Ya Do (CKC KJ656346)
Devanor's Designer Blue Genes (CKC KJ656347)
Devanor's Odds On Blue (CKC KJ656349)
Am/Can CH Rocklane's Relive The Magic (AKC SR14804906)
Legacy's Pacific Jazz CCA, CGC (AKC SR14804905)
Am Can CH Rocklane Pay The Piper BISS (AKC SR148049/03)
Aspenglo Indianapolis 500 (AKC SR14804902)
Rocklane Knickers In A Twist
BIS Am. CH. Aspenglo Bobsleigh SDHF (AKC SN73963701)
Am.CH. Goodtime's I'm Crazy For You (AKC SN742211/03)
Goodtime's Ray Of Light (AKC SN74221101)
Am. CH Goodtime Holiday OD (AKC SN74221105)
Am/Can CH Goodtime's Murlo Take A Bow (AKC SN74221104)
GCH Colorbook's Silent Lucidity (AKC SR47222502)
AM/Can CH Colorbook's Time Space Continuum (AKC SR472225/01)
BIS BISS Am GCH Rush Hill Run'n Amuck at Abelard OA OAJ AXP AJP NFP WC VCX SDHF OS (AKC SR086315/01)
Phil Ch Rush Hill's Run'n the Show (AKC SR08631502)
Rush Hill's Run Skooter Run (AKC SR08631503)
Rush Hill's Runnin Down Adream (AKC SR08631506)
Am CH Boitanos Band on the Run to Abelard OS (AKC SN435413/02)
Ch. Boitano's the Band Plays on (AKC SN435413/05)
BIS BISS Am Can CH Goodtime's Run For The Roses SDHF OD (AKC SN50113202)
CH Goodtime Born In The USA (AKC SN50113209)
CH Goodtime's NYC Serenade (AKC SN50113207)
CH. Goodtime I'm On Fire OA OAJ (AKC SN50113208)
CH Goodtime's Glory Days OD (AKC SN50113201)
Goodtime's Secret Garden (AKC SN50113203)
Goodtime's Golden Wonder (AKC SN50113204)
Goodtime, Waterford E Street (AKC SN50113205)
Goodtime's Human Touch (AKC SN50113206)
Am. CH. Goodtime's Code Red At Voyager RN AX AXJ NF WC VCX (AKC SN899054/01)
Colorbook's Living Out Loud (AKC SN886738/02)
Am/Can CH Color Book's Pump Up the Volume (AKC SN886738/01)
Am/Can CH Chuckanut Party Favour O Novel SDHF OS (AKC SN80494801 (6/01))
Can CH Rush Hill's Color My World (AKC SN42294403)
Am/Can CH Rush Hill's World Wide Web (AKC SN42294402)
Rush Hill's Joy To The World (AKC SN422944/04)
Rush Hill's Look Out World CD (AKC SN442944/05)
Rush Hill's World Tour (AKC SN42294401)

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