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Mayflower Dancer's Lewis

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Mayflower Dancer's Lewis
FTAW Clockburn Clyde (FCI AH01787502)
Clockburn Boris
Clockburn Bliss
Brightfoot Kit (Y1279803Y02)
Kingsteary Pierce
Darnaway Ranulf
Fleet Raedmund
Ghillie Dollarbank
Glenmazeron Jock
Kylachie Frewin
Greenfoot Barra (KCSB5964BY)
Greenfoot Buick
Eval Trevorgie (UKC T2155503T02)
Blackcraig Arran of Clockburn (UKC AD 02551505)
Blackcraig Greenfinch
Blackcraig Eagle
Blackcraig Muldoon (UKC AD02551501)
Blackcraig Raven
Gortons Wolf Whistler of Clockburn (UKC Y0895106Y01)
Gortons Spring Melody of Warpersmoss
Gortons Eye of the Storm
Gortons Maid the Mist
Barnstormer Beauty of Blackcraig (UKC Z1778903Z02)
Whispering Oaks Duck Dancer
Whispering Oaks Dutch Flyer
Whispering Oaks DeeJay
Whispering Oaks Dasper
Whispering Oaks Daring Nell
Whispering Oaks Del
Whispering Oaks Dutch Blue (FCI L.O.S.H. 0944645)
Whispering Oaks Daim Divine (FCI BHINRJ)
Whispering Oaks Dickens (FCI L.O.S.H. 0963055)
Whispering Oaks Doesjka
Whispering Oaks Dora avec Cleynehage
Whispering Oaks Donna
Whispering Oaks Dancin Diva
Whispering Oaks Deija
Whispering Oaks Dust
Whispering Oaks Dutch Yuma
Whispering Oaks Dugan
Whispering Oaks Delilah
Semper Modesto Bronco FCh WT (AKC SN789362/07)
Semper Deuce Cooper *** OS (AKC SN78936201 (9-03))
Semper Whispering Oaks Red Riley (AKC SN92440710)
Semper Burnt Siena (AKC SN92440701)
SR Semper Leigh Sadie RL1 (AKC SN92440708)
Semper Fidelis Beatrix SH CDX WCX (AKC SN92440702)
MHR Semper Choo Choo Ch'Boogie WCX (AKC SN924407/07)
MHR Madison Lucy Lesser JH, WC (AKC SN924407/04)
HRCH Sempers Castaway Cassie JH (AKC SN78936204)
Semper Diablo Tyson
Semper Wasatch Rocky Mtn Kai MH *** OS (AKC SN31583208)
HRCH Wasatch's Belle (AKC SN31583201)
Wasatch's Sadee Mae Nevada (AKC SN31583206)
Semper Wasatch Mora The Same (AKC SN31583202)
Wasatch's Burning Flame (AKC SN31583203)
Wasatchs Duckbuster Ranger (AKC SN31583207)
Semper Wasatch Alexis SH ** OD (AKC SN47316706)
HRCH Wasatch's Ozark Pearl (UKC Ri31-084)
HRCH Wasatch's Golden Gypsy
HRCH Wasatch's Winston Gee
Red Desert Dust MH WCX *** (AKC SN54321305 (10-05))
Alpenglo's Wasatch Wrangler MH (AKC SN473167/05)
Half Moon Destiny of Topbrass ''Trialer'' (AKC SN680227/20)
OTCH U-CDX Half Moon Ascending Starblaze UDX4 JH WC (AKC SN601464/01)
OTCH Half Moon Red Hot Chili Pepper UDX6 OBHF (AKC SN680227/17)
OTCH HRCH/UH Half Moon Lock'N Load UDX MH WCX OBHF (AKC SN601464/06)
OTCH HRCH Half Moon's Splendid Torch UDX MH RN OBHF (AKC SN68022713)
Half Moon Tidal Wave CDX SH WCX (AKC SN60146403)
Watermark's Half Moon Rising MH (AKC SN60146404)
U-CD Half Moons League Of Our Own UD JH OA NAJ (AKC SN60146402)
Half Moon Blast Off UDX RA AX AXJ NAP OJP (AKC SN60146407)
Half Moon Harvest Time CDX (AKC SN68022715)
OTCH U-GOCH ASCA OTCH Half Moon's Double Exposure UDX3 OBHF (AKC SN68022711)
Halfmoon Supernova Big Bang CDX WC (AKC SN68022712)
Half Moon Red Devil Top Guner (AKC SN60146408)
Half Moon Reginald Truelehr (AKC SN68022716)
Half Moon Gunner Cannon (AKC SN68022714)
Half Moon Killian's Red
FC AFC OTCH Topbrass Ascending Elijah OS FDHF (AKC SN263274/08)
Topbrass Hot Tomato ** (AKC SN26327410)
Topbrass Briarpatch Evereddy MH (AKC SN26327404)
Topbrass Fuzzbuster *** (AKC SN263274/05)
Topbrass Sorehon Ipse Dixit *** (AKC SN26327403)
Topbrass General Sherman (AKC SN26327401)
Topbrass Alex Ready To Duncan (AKC SN263274/02)
Topbrass Turn Me Loose (AKC SN26327407)
OTCH Tanbark's Gotta Getta Gund UDX2 OD OBHF (AKC SN09311703)
MACH Tanbark's My Little Dickens CDX (AKC SN147888/02)
OTCH. Tanbark's Blonde Bombshell UDX OBHF (AKC SN147888/09)
OTCH Tanbark's A Sneaky Feeling UDX2 RA TD JH WCX OBHF (AKC SN093117-05)
Tanbark's Comin Around Again OD (AKC SN14788808)
OTCH Tanbark's Surprise Package UDX OBHF (AKC SN093117/01)
OTCH Tanbark's Secret Ingredient UDX (AKC SM984998-06)
OTCH Tanbark's Last Hoorah UDX OBHF (AKC SM984998-03)
Tanbark's Crystal Fantacy CDX (AKC SM984998/04)
Tanbark's Tomahawk Chop CDX (AKC SN147888/07)
Tanbark's Banbury Chaser UD (AKC SN093117-06)
OTCH Tanbark's Brave Helios UDX2 OBHF (AKC SN09311708)
Tanbark's Perpetual Motion UD (AKC SN093117-09)
OTCH Tanbark's What's Up Doc UDX (AKC SN147888-06)
Tanbark's Sonic Boom UDX JH (AKC SN 14788805)
Tanbark's Trinity Timber UDX JH WC (AKC SN14788804)

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