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Patanavac Sue

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Patanavac Sue
Patanavac Scott of Namtocs
Patanavac Sam
Patanavac Steve
Patanavac Sharron
Patanavac Sian of Quornline
Patanavac Sandra At Youdash
Patanavac Sally
FTCh Delfleet Neon Of Fendawood
Delfleet Nugget Of Ettinsmoor
Delfleet Nickle At Kayteens
Delfleet Morning Star
Delfleet Nightingale
Delfleet Nuthatch
Delfleet Nettle At Naughtland
Delfleet Nymph
Delfleet Pike
Delfleet Night Jar
Delfleet Blue Of Lundhill
Delfleet Paddy
Delfleet Peat
Delfleet Perfection
Delfleet Pilot
Delfleet Poacher
Delfleet Pride
FTW Delfleet Ptarmigan
FTCh Mediterian Blue
Ceader View
Beach Comba of Liddlesbrook
Ebony Black as Night
Summer Satin
Mustard Spice
Ash Coppice
Hopefull Willow
Teak Street
Artic White
FTCh Endacott Shelf
FTCh Endacott Soames of Riversway
Endacott Holly
Endacott Swift of Brindlebay
Endacott Seeka
Endacott Storm
Endacott Sweep
Endacott Sally
Endacott Seal
FTW Drakeshead Evie
Drakeshead Eros
Drakeshead Daz
FTCH Drakeshead Deana
Drakeshead Dee
Drakeshead Dove
Drakeshead Eppie
Drakeshead Delta
Drakeshead Drummer
Drakeshead Dillon
Drakeshead Dimple
Drakeshead Dollar
Drakeshead Dulcie
Drakeshead Emott
Drakeshead Elias
Drakeshead Esme
Drakeshead Eliza (II)
Drakeshead Ella
Delfleet Dawn Flush
Delfleet Dougal By Westernash
Delfleet Debonair
Delfleet Duke
Delfleet Dynamo
Delfleet Diva
FTW Fintan Thor of Westernash
Faidhe Ainie
Midhe Feni
Aileesh Oisin
Beoga Cianan
Fidach Caillte
Sidhe Dubh
Delfleet Golden Glory
Delfleet Pollen
Delfleet Boss of Highdunscott
Delfleet Fern of Wolfdale
Delfleet Fire
Delfleet Golden Jubilee
Delfleet Golden Nugget
Delfleet Gypsy Lady of Austerby
Delfleet Band of Gold of Fenflyer
Delfleet Kim
Delfleet Ragnor
Delfleet Copper
Delfleet Foxy Lady
Delfleet Simply Red
Delfleet High Flyer
Delfleet Samson
Delfleet Purdey
Delfleet Golden Wonder
Delfleet Kerry Gold
Patanavac Zenna
Patanavac Patrick of Sallymar
Patanavac Peel
Patanavac Pewter
Patanavac Pilot
Patanavac Poly
Patanavac Private
Patanavac Prometheus
Patanavac Zack
Patanavac Zambia
Patanavac Zelda
Patanavac Zorro
Patanavac Zulu
Patanavac Zyme
Garendon Fly of Leawyn
Garendon Fioana
Garendon Fay of Trioaks
Garendon Freddie
Garendon Flash
Garendon Fleck
Garendon Freda
Garendon Francis
FTCh Carnochway Daniel
Ashe Warren Cassie
Rockinch Ben
FTCH Middlegate Teal
NORD JCH Middlegate Tinker
Middlegate Tessa
Patanavac Amber
Patanavac Diamond
Patanavac Jet
Patanavac Ruby
Patanavac Topaz
FTCh Ben of Mallowdale
FTW Ashbrooke Alfie
Seafin Ruby
Tup's Indispensable
Patanavac Heather
Patanavac Edward
Patanavac Elm
Patanavac Storm
Patanavac Thunder
Patanavac Shot
Patanavac Lightning
Patanavac Gamefinder

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