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Int.Ch.& Yu Ch.CruftsQual for Life Deerfold Silver Promise ClubWinnerBest BitchBob Bis 2000 &2001

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Int.Ch.& Yu Ch.CruftsQual for Life Deerfold Silver Promise ClubWinnerBest BitchBob Bis 2000 &2001 (FCI A 1)
Eng. CH. Severy Bartholomew Of Westley (Unknown BVA Hip Score 5:5)
Severy Baara Of Emadale (BVA Hip Score 5:6)
Severy Bernice Of Westley (BVA Hip Score 5:4)
Severy Barnabas
Rambleyne Dominic Of Westley (BVA hips 5:6)
Rambleyne Lucinda (2:2)
Swiss CH Rambleyne Driffy
Rambleyne Dizzy (5:24)
Rambleyne Dorinda (5:5)
Eng. CH. Westley Samuel (Unknown BVA Hip Score 2:2)
Am Ch Westley Modesta (OFA GR-10517)
Eng. Ch. Westley Martha
Eng. Ch. Westley Mabella
Eng. SH. Ch. Westley Munro of Nortonwood (Unknown BVA Hip Score 2:4)
Eng. SH. CH. Westley Simone
Eng. SH. CH. Westley Sophia Of Papeta (Unknown BVA Hip Score 3:8)
Westley Sabrina of Nortonwood
Can. CH Westley Mervin Can.CD
Westley Sigfried of Channri
Irish CH. Westley Silas of Greenview (BVA 3:4)
Westley Matthia of Sinnhein
Westley Mistybell of Jayceter
Westley Salone
Eng. SH. CH. Sansue Spring Mist Of Rambleyne (BVA hips 2:3)
Eng. CH. Sansue Royal Fancy (Unknown BVA Hip Score 3:3)
Eng. CH. Sansue Royal Flair (Unknown BVA Hip Score 4:4)
Sansue Royal Fling Of Darrochonna (Unknown BVA Hip Score 2:4)
Sansue Royal Flush Of Pyngold (Unknown BVA Hip Score 2:3)
Sansue True Blue Of Symplea (Unknown BVA Hip Score 6:4)
Sansue True Style at Linchael (BVA Hip Score 4:4)
Sansue Royal Faith (BVA Hp Score 2:2)
Sansue SPRING MELODY of Fadius
Sansue True Sandstone
Sansue True Diamond Of Alecire (3:4)
Sansue Spring Fashion
Sansue Trueman (UA (6/30/1988))
Sansue True To Me
JKC Ch. Sansue Spring Fever CD1
Sansue True Melody of Gainspa
Sansue True Image Of Rojosco (3:5)
Westley Garrya Of Severy (BVA Hip Score 5:3)
Eng. SH. CH. Westley Christina
Westley Cumgen (A1/A2)
Eng Sh Ch Westley Clementina (BVA Hip Score 3:3)
Westley Lusia of Mulfield (BVA Hip Score 3:4)
Westley Lizanne Of Channri (BVA 8:7)
Westley Lucinda
Eng. CH. Westley Gabriella Of Siatham (9:8)
Eng. SH. CH. Westley Glen Of Highguild (4:7)
Dutch Ch. Westley Cathrina (HD C1C2)
Westley Crescendo of Sundials
Westley Lucetta of Tarkeila (4:3)
Westley Charlotte
Westley Lizetta Of Stirchley (BVA 5:5)
Westley Lottie At Minybar
Westley Callum Of Remington
Westley Luciana At Toftwick (4:4)
Westley Garmond (8:11)
Eng. SH. CH. Stirchley Saxon KCJW (BVA Hip Score 12:7)
Stirchley Sugarbush of Jobeka (1 Res. CC) (Unknown BVA Hip Score 6:5)
Stirchley Soloman KCJW (BVA Hip Score 5:5)
EW''89,Multi. CH. Stirchley Seth
Stirchley Sacha Of Jobeka
Stirchley Sebastian
Stirchley Sophie Of Warrister
Stirchley Solitaire (2:2)
Westley Julianna (BVA Hip Score 20:20)
Eng. CH. Westley Felicia Of Siatham
Eng. SH. CH. Westley Jacob (Unknown BVA Hip Score 4:3)
Dutch Ch. Westley Floyd VDH Ch. (HD B1B2)
Westley Fitzpatrick Of Glenmoray (BVA Hip Score 8:10)
Westley Jamie Of Wyrebank (BVA Hip Score 2:9)
LP1 Westley Fletcher
Our Nutmeg of Mill Lane (B2)
Westley Favian of Shirgold
Westley Javelin of Stourcrest
Westley Fitzwilton
Westley Faro
Tilldawn Mystery Entertainer at Deerfold KCJW (BVA Hip Score 10:16)
Tilldawn Lady Entertainer (8:17)
Tilldawn The Entertainer
Eng. SH. CH. Janward Entertainer
Janward Dollar (HD A)
Janward Daisymay of Sheilain
Janward Delilah of Hulverstone
Janward Extra Edition (2:4)
Janward Elisha (4:4)
Eng. CH. Styal Scott Of Glengilde (BVA Hip Score 3:3)
Eng. SH. Ch. Styal Shelley of Maundale (BVA Hip Score 1:13)
Eng. SH. CH. Styal Shakespeare
Styal Souvenir Of Nortonwood
Int./Span. CH Styal Sacilia
Can. CH Styal Squire Of Nortonwood Can. WC OS
Styal Samarkand (UA (198?))
Styal Solacea
Styal Star of Swiftway
Styal Saratoga
Janward Anastasia
Shanlimore Celebrity At Tilldawn (BVA Hip Score 17:11)
Shanlimore Crusader (D1)
Eng. SH. CH. Jobeka Jasper of Nortonwood (Unknown BVA Hip Score 12:6)
Eng. SH. CH. Jobeka Just James
Jobeka Jane Of Stirchley (11:10)
Jobeka Jeaves (BVA 5/4)
NV-92 NUCH Jobeka Jaguar (Sweden HD U (3/9/1989))
Jobeka Lady Jane
Dabess Zelana
Dabess Zuleika at Ninell
Dabess Zhivago
Dabess Zenobia

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