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Redtoffy (DKK28154/95)

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Redtoffy (DKK28154/95)
Rollo (DKK28157/95)
Ronda (DKK28159/95)
Ronja (DKK28160/95)
Rambo (DKK28155/95)
Sally (DKK28161/95)
Lukas (DKK28156/95)
Molly (DKK28158/95)
NUCH DKCH NV-88 Flyingtollers Boomer
Flyingtollers Rasmus
Flyingtollers Roy
Flyingtollers Bonny
Flyingtollers Buster
Jalna's Gentle Giant
Jalna's Go Go Girl
Jalna's Golden Glory
Jalna's Good Gracious Fox
Jalna's Good Gracious Me
Jalna's Gorgeous George
Jalna's Grand Tego
Westerlea's Voyageur of Jalna
Westerlea's Siren Fancy
Can Ch Westerlea's Summer Sunset
Westerlea's Taster's Choice
Westerlea's Tofino Decoy
Can Ch Westerlea's Tru Ray Red Rebel WC CDX
Westerlea's Blue Peter
Westerlea's Terra Nova Maiden
Westerlea's Lahaina Sunset
Westerlea's Maple Taffy
Westerlea's Mistress McNabb
Can CH Westerlea's Red Duster
Can CH Westerlea's Rippling Brook CDX WC
Westerlea's Sir Toby
Westerlea's Pint o' Guinness
Westerlea's Nimpkish Copper
Westerlea's Blazing Sunrise
Westerlea's Bo of Cheticamp
Westerlea's Cally's Comet
CAN/MEX CH Westerlea's Cinnamon Teal CAN/MEX CD GRCA WC
Can Ch Westerlea's Copper Vixen
Westerlea's Decoy Duchess
Can Ch Westerlea's Dory Skipper
Can Ch Westerlea's Flying Fox
Can Ch Jalna's Legendary Love
Jalna's Latin Lover
Jalna's Lightning Lass
Jalna's Lovable Legend
Jalna's Quips N Quotes
Jalna's Quartermaster
Jalna's Quest For Quality
Jalna's Quite A Quandary
Jalna's Quite A Quincy
Jalna's Quota Quantum
Can CH Jalna's Red Emperor
Can Ch Jalna's Red Explorer
Can CH Jalna's Eager Boots CDX TT
Jalna's Elegance In Red
Can Ch Jalna's Enchanted Red Ember
Can Ch Jalna's Quiet Queen
Jalna's Que Sera Sera
Can CH Jalna's Quest For Glory CDX
Jalna's Quillo Quest
Can Ch Jalna's Eager Quest
Can Ch Jalna's Kings High Command CD
Tollbreton Dania
Tollbreton Digby
Tollbreton Fergus
Can Ch Tollbreton Honey for Westerlea WC
Tollbreton Koba
Tollbreton Shooting Star
Tollbreton Zoe
Tollbreton Annie Glaholm
Riverbear's Westerlea Tar
Riverbear Athena
Riverbear Cubby
Riverbear Hi-Mine
Riverbear Maxxum Enticer
Riverbear Mister Rebel
Riverbear Newgene
Riverbear Nicker's Son
Riverbear of Harbourlights
Riverbear Peach of Waverly
Riverbear Saymo
Riverbear Ten Penny
Riverbear Thud
Riverbears Gentle Ben
Riverbear's Lone Star
Harbourlights Nedgewick
Harbourlights Burritts Chancy
Harbourlights Tawnys Rose
Harbourlights Jasmine
Harbourlights Laddie Buck
Harbourlights Miss Emma
Harbourlights House Coogie
Harbourlights Gorgeous Karrie
Harbourlights Golden Duke
Harbourlights Rusty Reuban
Tollbreton Piper
Tollbreton Brandy Star
Tollbreton Huckleberry
Tollbreton Jolly-Roger
Tollbreton Truffles
Tollbreton Waldo
Tollbreton Waldo-Oliver
Can Ch Marangai Simply Red
Marangai Diamond Jim
Marangai Dreamweaver
Marangai Little Big Man
Marangai Lucy In The Sky
Can Ch Marangai Mail Order Annie
Marangai Summer Sunshine
Can CH Ardunacres Cheekeye
Ardunacres Chilko
Ardunacres Crimson Terra
Ardunacres Mighty Fraser

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