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Dorothea NHSB 2973872

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Dorothea NHSB 2973872
Brutus NHSB 2921304
Bailey NHSB 2921305
Bella NHSB 2921306
Demetrius NHSB 2973869
DiŽgo NHSB 2973870
Dominique NHSB 2973871
Donatella NHSB 2973873
Canna Dea's Bijou De Bellefond
Canna Dea's Bijou Le Coeur
Canna Dea's Bijou De Chasseur
Canna Dea's Bijou Magnifique
Canna Dea's Bijou Prťcieux
Canna Dea's Fox Authentic Red
Canna Dea's Pepper Authentic Red
Canna Dea's Rubin Authentic Red
Canna Dea's Fellow Authentic Red
Canna Dea's Rose Authentic Red
Canna Dea's Ruby Authentic Red
Canna Dea's Yucca Authentic Red
Bijou Ramses From RoEs'place
Blame Ranai From Roes' Place CW'06
Brigadier Bikkel from RoEs' Place
Booky Booker from RoEs' Place
Baron Floyd Jones from RoEs' Place
Bette Jenna from RoEs' Place
Bono Scott from RoEs' Place
Bramber Sjef from RoEs' Place
BodÝ Bamse from RoEs' Place
Ames Of Oskeola
Akita Of Oskeola
Aico Of Oskeola
Artax Of Oskeola
Aisy Of Oskeola
Abigail Of Oskeola
Radiance Uit de Brieltje's
Sarah uit de Brieltje's (2001)
Rogan Uit de Brieltje's
Jippie Uit de Brieltje's
Jonas Uit de Brieltje's
Scotty Uit de Brieltje's
Bonny Robin Eschan uit de Brieltje's
Max Eschan uit de Brieltje's
Navajo Eschan uit de Brieltje's
Pepper Eschan uit de Brieltje's
Sammy Eschan uit de Brieltje's
Scottie Eschan uit de Brieltje's
Shaya Eschan uit de Brieltje's
Silas Eschan uit de Brieltje's
Toupie Eschan uit de Brieltje's
Flairick Uit de Brieltje's
Bartje Uit de Brieltje's
Thomas Uit de Brieltje's
River Nova Arctic Dream
River Nova Arctic Aslan
River Nova Arctic Breeze
River Nova Arctic Challenge
River Nova Arctic Hedera
River Nova Arctic Lily
River Nova Arctic Star
NUCH NV-07 River Nova Arctic Itana
N UCH SU(u)CH Sunlit Patrick Put on Peanuts
NUCH Sunlit Phrick Put on Peanut
Red-Toller's Indian Itana
Noeska (NHSB 2629893)
Nolleke NHSB 2629888
NoŽl NHSB 2629889
Noah NHSB 2629890
Nowy NHSB 2629891
Nonja NHSB 2629892
Noppie NHSB 2629894
KD's Hunter
NSDTRC Ch KD's Cedar Shavings WC
KD's Chip Off The Ol' Block
KD's Jalepeno Pepper
P-ADCh MACH3 Natch3 KD's Scarlet Fire
UKC CH KD's Shades of Scarlet
CH KD's Scarlet Autumn Skye
KD's Scarlet Scandal
KD's Commander Cody
KD's Dominion Red Nova
KD's Murphy of the Chesapeake
ARBA Ch Westerlea Coast'l Tradewinds CD RN WCI Can CD WC ROMX
Westerlea's Misty Moon CD NAJ NAC
Westerlea Douanier
Ch Westerlea Westharbour Sierra WCI
Can Ch Westerlea's Anvil Scoter
ARBA/UKC CH KD's Scarlet Starlet CD, ROM
UKC GR/NSDTRC-US CH Chesagrove's Amber Wave WC CD
Chesagrove's Whisling Willie
Wendy (NHSB 2437443)
Wega NHSB 2437442
Whiskey (NHSB 2437440)
Whopper NHSB 2437439
Wieke NHSB 2437441
Wobke NHSB 2437444
Squire of Great Pleasure
NL Ch LUX Ch D-VDH Ch Star of Great Pleasure
Satin of Great Pleasure
Sailor of Great Pleasure
Song of Great Pleasure
LUX Ch D-VDH Ch NL Ch CAN Ch Skill of Great Pleasure
Surfer of Great Pleasure
Scout of Great Pleasure
Silk of Great Pleasure
Sissy From Nova's Power
Sara From Nova's Power
Savannah From Nova's Power
Sparkle From Nova's Power
Spike From Nova's Power
Splash From Nova's Power
Sunshine From Nova's Power
Superior From Nova's Power
Swanlake Max From Nova's Power
Sjimmy From Nova's Power
Sjors From Nova's Power
Sambo From Nova's Power
Shiva From Nova's Power
Sia From Nova's Power
Simba From Nova's Power

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