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FI MVA Kitimat Bintje

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

FI MVA Kitimat Bintje (FCI FIN22464/08)
C.I.B & FI & SE(N) CH,JW-08, W-08, HeVW-16 TLNVW-17 HeV-17 HEWV-17 SEV-17 SEVW-17 Kitimat Nicola (FCI FIN22470/08)
Kitimat Van Gogh JW-08 (FCI FIN22467/08)
INT/FIN/CAN CH NORDW-05 EURW-06 Siphra's Fire At Kitimat CAN WC (FCI FIN41128/00)
FIN CH FIN TRCH Nordwart Kassandros (FCI SF45557/92)
Nordwart Karoline (SF45558/92)
Nordwart Kasper (SF45556/92)
Nordwart Kassandra (SF45559/92)
Nordwart Kleio (SF45560/92)
Nordwart Korinna (SF45561/92)
Lyonhouse Fergus Stuart (FCI SF27863/92)
Aust CH Lyonhouse Agnes (FCI Q0008401Q01)
Lyonhouse Alistaire (S45846/90)
Lyonhouse Amabel Stuart CD CDex (R0231003R01)
Lyonhouse Andrew (FCI KCQ0008403Q01)
Lyonhouse Balnahard Stuart
Lyonhouse Ben Stuart
Lyonhouse Bruce
Lyonhouse Colin (Q0008404Q01)
B CH LUX CH NL CH Lyonhouse Davinia Stuart at Freelane (KC R0231006R01)
Lyonhouse Dirke at Alameda
Lyonhouse Elspeth Stuart (R0231007R01)
Lyonhouse Evelyn Stuart (R0231005R01)
Lyonhouse Ewan Stuart (FCI N32166/91)
Lyonhouse Fenella Stuart
Lyonhouse Fiona Stuart
Lyonhouse Kintra Stuart
Lyonhouse Machir Stuart
Lyonhouse Machrie Stuart
Lyonhouse Precious CDex (KC Q0008402Q01)
Harbourlights Pick Up Sticks (FCI SF35795/90)
Harbourlights Blond Sia (CKC WW803827)
Harbourlights Tuskets Ace (CKC WW803823)
PMV-97 FIN MVA EST MVA KANS MVA V-01 Westerlea's Tornado At Siphra (FCI SF31253/93)
Westerlea's Wetlands Cruiser (CKC BC070623)
Westerlea's Winfield Wren (AKC SN74278101)
Westerlea's Prairie Lightning (CKC BC070598)
Westerlea's Rodrav Of Drogsta (FCI S47386/93)
Westerlea Red Sun-Over Austria (FCI OHZB DRET4)
Westerlea's Amy Evangeline (AKC SN74278102)
Westerlea's Darling Bud (CKC BC070593)
Westerlea's Diamond Dory (CKC BC070589)
Westerlea's Dusty Rhode (CKC BC070625)
Westerlea's Greyland Drake (CKC BC070618)
Westerlea's Hay Day (CKC BC070591)
Westerlea's Rödräv Of Drögsta
Can Ch Glenmaurs Casey of Elias WC MADC AAD FM (AKC SN74153302)
Oliver Copper Tuppence (CKC YQ953697)
Elias' Oregon Reign (CKC YQ967711)
Elias Vancover Alexander (CKC YQ953694)
Can Ch Westerlea Elias' Tidal Wave SH WCX CD FbDCH (CKC YQ967708)
Can Ch Landew's Cinnamon Delight CDX (AKC SN74153303)
Can Ch Tunaka's Vananne's Ayla (CKC UA647896)
Can Ch Tanaka's Classic Cutter CD (CKC UA636405)
Tunaka's Gaelic Lace (CKC UA647889)
Tunaka's Kingston Crockett (CKC UA636408)
Tunaka's Maxwell Smart (CKC UA647887)
Tunaka's Riverbend Ranger (CKC UA647883)
Tunaka's Running Creek (CKC UA647878)
Tunaka's Sunset Brandy (CKC UA647895)
Tunaka's Whippoorwill (AKC SN74077101)
FI & LV CH, FIN JW-06,VWW-14, EEVV-16 Kitimat Milk And Toast (FCI FIN18918/06)
Kitimat Malbec (FCI FIN18917/06)
Fin Ch Hedera's Unlimited Star (FCI FIN16521/04)
Hedera's Unique Pearl (FCI FIN16517/04)
Beinnbhreagh's Innes On Hedera (FCI FIN30735/01)
Beinnbhreaghs Double Cross (CKC RG675284)
CAN LUX NL D-VHD CH Beinnbhreagh's Great Pleasure (FCI KG675276)
Beinnbhreaghs Kayla (CKC RG682113)
Beinnbhreagh's Kute Nova (CKC KG675286)
Beinnbhreaghs Acadian Caper (CKC KG675276)
Beinnbhreagh's Angus (CKC KG682110)
Beinnbhreagh's Barney (CKC KG675281)
Hedera's Kustom Star
FIN CH, JW-03 Kitimat Monday Morning (FCI FIN33693/02)
SE VCH Ronne Rivers Accrobat Mac Tawish (FCI S17062/96)
LPI Ronne Rivers Accapella Mac Tawish (FCI S17059/96)
Ronne Rivers Accilles Mac Tawish (FCI S17064/96)
Ronne Rivers Accleja Mac Tawish (FCI S17058/96)
Ronne Rivers Accord Mac Tawish (FCI S17060/96)
Ronne Rivers Acctor Mac Tawish (FCI S17061/96)
Ronne Rivers Accurant Mac Tawish (FCI S17063/96)
FIN MVA KANS MVA S MVA V-02 Siphra's Indian Echo (FCI FIN16030/96)
Siphra's Indian Summer (FCI FIN16036/96)
FIN MVA MV-98 S MVA KANS MVA V-00 Siphra's Indiana Jones (FCI FIN16028/96)
Siphra's Indian Gem (S54310/97)
Siphra's Indian Girl (FCI FIN16032/96)
Siphra's Indian Princess (FCI FIN16033/96)
FIN MVA Siphra's Indian Ramona (FCI FIN16034/96)
FIN MVA S MVA KANS MVA Siphra's Indian Red Hawk (FCI FIN16029/96)
Siphra's Indian Rose (FCI FIN16035/96)

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