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CH Rideau's Baker Street Boy WC CD CGN

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

CH Rideau's Baker Street Boy WC CD CGN (CKC NS895245)
SHR Rideau's Rush'n Roulette WC (CKC NS895247)
Rideau's River Birch (CKC NS895242)
Rideau's Red Willow (CKC NS895243)
Rideau's Red Maple Bandit (CKC NS895244)
Rideau's Majestic Red Maple (CKC NS895246)
Rideau's Scotian Explorer (CKC PJ949173)
Rideau's Shining Shiraz (CKC PJ949176)
Rideau's Rollickin' Rowan (CKC PJ949177)
Rideau's Raindancer (CKC PJ949179)
Rideau's Bonnie Of Misty Cove ADC SGDC (CKC PJ958337)
SHR CH Rideau's Rebound To Kylador CDX WCI JH AKC THD (CKC PJ949169)
CH Rideau's Kylador Forest Flame (CKC NS895241)
Rideau's Take'em By Storm WC CD (CKC PJ949178)
MBIS BISS Am Ch / Can GCHEx Kylador's Bustin Thru Th'reeds CGC ADC AGI WCI CD JH JAM ROMX (CKC KU688050)
Kylador's Belle Surprise (CKC KU688048)
CH Kylador's Bluenose Digby (CKC KU688054)
Can Ch Kylador's Bombardier Farley US/Can WC, Can WCI, JH, RN, CGN (CKC KU688045)
Kylador's Bonnie Shala (CKC KU688046)
Kylador's Brazen Red Talisman (CKC KU688047)
Ch Kylador's Brazilein Storm (CKC KU688049)
Kylador's Brigadier Turbo (CKC KU688051)
Ch Kylador's Jack of All Trades (EW302978)
Ch Kylador's Joint Venture (CKC EW302973)
Kylador's Jokers Wild (CKC EW302977)
Kylador's Journey To Tollcreek (CKC EW302972)
Ch Kyladors Joyful Maritime Tryst (CKC EW302971)
Kylador's Just For Us (CKC EW302976)
Ch Kylador's The River's Edge CD WC (CKC HJ524316)
Kylador's Toast To Mitzi CD (CKC HJ524319)
Kylador's Tribute To Denmark (HJ524313)
Kylador's Trick of The Tail CD (CKC HJ524317)
Kylador's Tricky Fox Muldar (CKC HJ535320)
Kylador's True Spark (CKC HJ524318)
Kylador's Jagr Meister (CKC EW302975)
CH. Kylador's Debonair Rob Roy CD CGC (CKC BL084184 SN7453950)
Kylador's Dash-Eight Kally (CKC BL084191)
Ch Kylador's Dashing Rosco (CKC BL084192)
Kylador's Descant Jessie (CKC BL084185)
Can CH Kylador's Designated Driver CD SHDX CGC NAC NGC AD FbDCH ShDCH AMCGC (CKC BL084190)
Can Ch Kylador's Designed By Chance (CKC BLO84187)
Kylador's Dramatic Sage (CKC BL084188)
Ch Redwyn Kylador's Sea Breeze (CKC BG072698)
Redwyn's Big River Belle (CKC BG072668)
Redwyn's Cap'n Victor (CKC BG072702)
Redwyn's Dark'n Dirty ADC FbDCH (CKC BG072697)
Redwyn's Margaree Mabou (CKC BG072691)
Redwyn's Regatta Gold (CKC BG072660)
Redwyn's Sydney Harbour (CKC BG072667)
Redwyn's Timberlea Scaup WC (CKC BG072663)
Kylador's Kara Bella Luna (CKC FN360102)
Kylador's Kismet On Fire (CKC FN360109)
Can CH Rusty of Littleriver 2nd CD WC (CKC WC816625)
Littlerivers Toller Two (CKC WC816620)
Littleriver's Brandy (CKC WC816623)
Ch Kylador's Crimson Taffeta (CKC AY042297)
Can Ch Kylador's A Penny From Heaven CD (CKC YC898981)
Can Ch Kylador's Aldebaran Destiny CD (CKC YC898979)
Can Ch Kylador's Aluinn Copper Curaidh CD (CKC YC898994)
Kylador's Amazing Sionnach (CKC YC906625)
Ch Kylador's Amber Jewel (CKC YC898988)
Ch Kylador's Amber Magic (CKC YC898985)
Can Ch Kylador's Atlantic Storm CD (CKC YC898983)
Can Ch Kylador's Barkentine Bailee (CKC AE976662)
Kylador's Beachcomber Digby (CKC AE976657)
Ch Kylador's Ben Nevis (CKC AE976666)
Can Ch Kylador's Bodacious Ariel (CKC AE976671)
Can Ch Kylador's Boomerang Barrett CD (CKC AE97668)
Ch Kylador's Bountiful Treasure (CKC AE976676)
Ch Kylador's Brook Rupert (CKC AE976672)
Ch Kylador's Coastal Clipper (CKC AY042291)
Kylador's Commodore Laker WCX,JH,CD,NSDTRC(USA)WCI&CD (CKC AYO42287)
Can CH Rideau's Betsy Matilda CGC,CGN (CKC GQ448055)
Rideau River Flash (CKC GQ448050)
Rideau's Animated Gromet (CKC GQ448059)
Toffee of Rideau (CKC GQ448062)
Rideau's Blue Water Brutus (CKC GQ448056)
Rideau's Boccalino Beau (CKC GQ455109)
Rideau's Mischievous Piper (CKC GQ448060)
Rideau's Scarlet Morgan (CKC GQ448053)
Miss Terracotta of Rideau (CKC GQ448052)
Rodahunds Bus-Buller Mas-Son (CKC 1059732)
Rodahunds Bus Maja Vet Hut (S38264/93)
Rodahunds Bus-Bettina Mas-Dotter (S17002/94)
Rodahunds Bus-Bonnie Mas-Dotter (S16999/94)
Rodahunds Bus-Borje Mas-Son (FCI SF41661/94)
Rodahunds Bus-Brasse Mas-Son (S16997/94)
Rodahunds Bus-Bubbla Mas-Dotter (S17001/94)
Rodahunds Bus-Buggie Mas-Dotter (S17000/94)
Drogstas Cat-E-Chu-Pa Huts (S66720/90)
Drogstas Alley-Cat (DKK28514/90)
Drogstas Cat-Ama-Ran (S66718/90)
Drogstas Cat-A-Strof (S66721/90)
Drogstas Cat-Ba-Lou (S66719/90)
Drogstas Cat-Man-Du (S66717/90)
SE UCH Drogstas Cat-Ri-Ona (S66722/90)
LP Rodahunds Saltstankta Nimbus (S60569/90)
Rodahunds Nickolina (S60567/90)
Rodahunds Nimrod (60564/90)
LPI Rodahunds Saltstankta Naime Nouveau (S60571/90)
LP Rodahunds Saltstankta Nezzie (S60566/90)
Rodahunds Saltstankta Nickolina (S60567/90)
Rodahunds Saltstankte Nimrod (Unknown S60564/90)
LP Rodahunds Saltstankta Nippertippa (S60568/90)
Rodahunds Saltstankta Noette (Unknown S60565/90)
Rodahunds Saltstankta Nomi (S60570/90)
Can Ch Rideau's Scotian Mischief (CKC XW882383)
Cholmondely Snabile of Rideau (CKC XW896519)
Rideau's Court Jester (CKC XW896522)
Rideau's Keltic Lass (CKC XW882385)
Rideau's Lady Peggy (CKC XW904706)
Rideau's Mighty Taylor (CKC XW882392)
Tollhaven's Strike Force (CKC UW733136)
Can Ch Tollhaven's Champagne Shelby (CKC YL040650)
Tollhaven's Mr Digby (CKC YL032661)
Tollhaven's T C (CKC YL032659)
Tollhavens' Top Toller CD (CKC YL032663)
Tollhaven's Widgeon (CKC YL032662)
Tollhaven Marley's Music Man
Ch Sport's Lass of Littleriver (CKC VW748048)
Stacey of Littleriver (CKC YG945572)
Redford of Littleriver (CKC WQ816653)
Clae Second of Littleriver (CKC XU911134)
Coco of Littleriver (AKC SN74446301)
Spencer of Littleriver (CKC XC858295)
Levit of Littleriver (CKC XC834432)
Angie of Littleriver (CKC WQ816658)
Zeek of Littleriver (CKC AW069235)
Josh of Little River (LISTED)
Cinamon of Littleriver (CKC VW748054)
Burno of Littleriver (CKC YU995867)
Littleriver's Tippie (CKC YG945567)
Littleriver's Wozeck (CKC AW069225)
Amberr of Littleriver (YU984674) (CKC YU984674)
Ginger 2nd of Littleriver (VW748053) (CKC VW748053)
Cornelius of Littleriver (CKC WQ816659)
Tina of Littleriver (CKC XU911157)
Littleriver's Moonbeam (CKC AW069221)
Stitches of Littleriver (CKC YU984676)
Sidney of Littleriver (CKC XU911138)
Littleriver's Bayboy (CKC XC834431)
Bear of Littleriver (CKC XC834436)
Stew of Littleriver (CKC WQ816647)
Littleriver Geddes (CKC VW748050)
Littleriver's Double A (CKC VW748056)
Littleriver's Dylon (CKC AW069228)
Littleriver's Foredecker (CKC XU911129)
Martlen of Littleriver (CKC XC834426)
Riggs of Littleriver (CKC WQ816650)
Littleriver's Nikita (CKC WQ816662)
Littleriver's Ruby (CKC XC834441)
Littleriver's Rugger (CKC WQ816660)
Can Ch Littleriver's Second Josh CD (CKC XU911146)
Littleriver's Sheriff (CKC XU911149)
Littleriver's Sunshine (CKC YG945569)
Littleriver's Tandi (CKC XU911153)
Littleriver's Tantallon (CKC YU984667)
Mork of Littleriver (CKC WQ816656)

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