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Tantramar's Beach Joy

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Tantramar's Beach Joy
Tantramar's Beaubassin Pride
Tantramar's Baywatch Babe
Tantramar's Baroness Of Brunchwick
Tantramar's Beach Bonfire
Tantramar's Bayside Bella
Tantramar's Beach Beauty
CIE, DE CH, VDH CH, NL CH,NL Vet CH It's Dog Latin Pride and Joy Europasieger, Bundessieger, Leipzigseiger
It's Dog Latin Pennies From Heaven
It's Dog Latin Perfect Day
It's Dog Latin Piece Of My Hart
It's Dog Latin Piece Of The Action
It's Dog Latin Pieces Of A Dream
It's Dog Latin Play Something Sweet
It's Dog Latin Power Of Love
It's Dog Latin Private Dancer
It's Dog Latin Promised You A Miracle
CH-Ch. Objibwa's Sikor CaG
Objibwa's Shakwe CaG
Objibwa's Siwan CaG
Objibwa's Shey-Ana CaG
CHVetCh. Javahill's Cuppa Pikkinokka
Pikkinokka's Red Sky Banshee
Pikkinokka's Tsankawi Dunlin
Pikkinokka's Fan Taisa
Pikkinokka Indy Anna Chickadee
Pikkinokka's Rookie On Base
Pikkinokka's Jalna Matrix
Can Ch. Pikkinokka's Torlan Kanji CGN
CHCh Objibwa's Ghiisis
Objibwa's Gabena
Objibwa's Gaschka-Noki
CHCh/Int.CH/FTfCh/CHVetCh Objibwa's Ghibichi-Taa WT/sw500/DA
Objibwa's Gibingo Agi-L2
CHCh/ Int.Ch/ Objibwa's Gichi-Ajowo Trialer
Objibwa's Ginjiba
Objibwa's Gwayo
It's Dog Latin Leafs Pepper and Sweet
It's Dog Latin Lytse
It's Dog Latin Lady Duke
It's Dog Latin Layka Moon Star
It's Dog Latin Le Fynn House of Kings
It's Dog Latin Living Faith Kiah
Riverbreeze Salty Pepper De Chawu
Riverbreeze Secret Simba De Chawu
Riverbreeze Sporty Zorro De Chawu
DKRLCH RØM RBM DKLPCH LP3 LP2 LP1 Riverbreeze Sweet Delphi De Chawu
Riverbreeze Swinging Vira De Chawu
Riverbreeze Saga Ducktail de Chawu
LPI SE VCH Riverbreeze Silky Sushi de Chawu
Riverbreeze Sir Deja Vu of Decoyman
The Rhineferry Tales of Indien Girl
The Rhineferry Tales of Carree Luna
The Rhineferry Tales of Dumas
The Rhineferry Tales of Elma Kinley
The Rhineferry Tales of Esta Kinley
The Rhineferry Tales of Friday
The Rhineferry Tales of Goodwill
Canna Dea's Yucca Authentic Red
Canna Dea's Bijou Le Coeur
Canna Dea's Bijou De Bellefond
Canna Dea's Bijou De Chasseur
Canna Dea's Bijou Magnifique
Canna Dea's Bijou Précieux
Canna Dea's Fox Authentic Red
Canna Dea's Pepper Authentic Red
Canna Dea's Rubin Authentic Red
Canna Dea's Fellow Authentic Red
Canna Dea's Rose Authentic Red
Canna Dea's Ruby Authentic Red
Bijou Ramses From RoEs'place
Blame Ranai From Roes' Place CW'06
Brigadier Bikkel from RoEs' Place
Booky Booker from RoEs' Place
Baron Floyd Jones from RoEs' Place
Bette Jenna from RoEs' Place
Bono Scott from RoEs' Place
Bramber Sjef from RoEs' Place
Bodø Bamse from RoEs' Place
Ames Of Oskeola
Akita Of Oskeola
Aico Of Oskeola
Artax Of Oskeola
Aisy Of Oskeola
Abigail Of Oskeola
Radiance Uit de Brieltje's
Sarah uit de Brieltje's (2001)
Rogan Uit de Brieltje's
Jippie Uit de Brieltje's
Jonas Uit de Brieltje's
Scotty Uit de Brieltje's
Bonny Robin Eschan uit de Brieltje's
Max Eschan uit de Brieltje's
Navajo Eschan uit de Brieltje's
Pepper Eschan uit de Brieltje's
Sammy Eschan uit de Brieltje's
Scottie Eschan uit de Brieltje's
Shaya Eschan uit de Brieltje's
Silas Eschan uit de Brieltje's
Toupie Eschan uit de Brieltje's
Flairick Uit de Brieltje's
Bartje Uit de Brieltje's
Thomas Uit de Brieltje's
River Nova Arctic Dream
River Nova Arctic Aslan
River Nova Arctic Breeze
River Nova Arctic Challenge
River Nova Arctic Hedera
River Nova Arctic Lily
River Nova Arctic Star
NUCH NV-07 River Nova Arctic Itana
N UCH SU(u)CH Sunlit Patrick Put on Peanuts
NUCH Sunlit Phrick Put on Peanut
Red-Toller's Indian Itana

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