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Acka Vikings Hermione

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Acka Vikings Hermione
SE VCh Riverbreeze Magic Fire
Riverbreeze Magic Flash
Riverbreeze Magic Wind
Riverbreeze Magic Star
Riverbreeze Magic Bell
LP1 LP 2 Riverbreeze Magic Blossom
N UCH SU(u)CH NV-06 Shaggy Toller's Canadian Casper
Shaggy Toller's I Am Canadian
Shaggy Toller's Truly Canadian
Shaggy Toller's Canadian Miramichi
Littleriver's Bluenose Sailor
Littleriver's Viking Princess
Littleriver's Yukon
Littleriver's Gypsy Lady
Littleriver's Lucky Duck Mojo
Littleriver's Nellie
Littleriver's Caleb
Littleriver's Russell
Littleriver's Misha
Littleriver's Fundy Boom
Littleriver's Guiness
JCh CZ Littleriver's Gypsy King
Littleriver's Maggy Mae
Littleriver's Maple
Littleriver's Ducky Too
Littleriver's Angus
Littleriver's Brooke
Littleriver's California Girl
Littleriver's Celtic Copper
Littleriver's Digby Reilly
Littleriverīs Gipsy King
LP 1 Solvingas Dona Teresa De Amor
Solvingas Don Ramiro De Amor
SE VCH LP1 Solvingas Don Galindo De Amor
SE VCH SE U(U)CH Solvingas Chaplin Af Jim Beam
Solvingas Chapman Af Jim Beam
Solvingas Charisma Af Jim Beam
Solvingas Cheila Af Jim Beam
Solvingas Chejka Af Jim Beam
Solvingas Chiiva Af Jim Beam
SE VCH Kanadickens Sporty Spice
Kanadickens Hot Spice
Kanadickens Mr Spice
Kanadickens Spice Girl
Kanadickens Ginger Spice
DK UCH KBHV-03 SE U(U)CH SE V-99 Kanadickens Girl Power
Red-Toller's Go Jaxi
N UCH NV-02 Red-Toller's Mercury Jaxx
Red-Tollers Happy Zobbi
Nuch NV-99 Red-Tollers Killemanjaro
Red-Tollers Kacib
Red-Tollers Keekee Biba
Red-Tollers Kimo
Red-Tollers Kissy Daniella
Red-Tollers Kitty's Cans
N UCH Red-Tollers Kobacavana
Red-Tollers Kober Mc Call
NUCH Shaggy Toller's Bailey Bee-Q
Daydreamer (DKK15894/92)
Shaggy Toller's Bonnie Bear
Shaggy Toller's Buffy Blue
Shaggy Toller's Cindarella
Shaggy Toller's Coco Celine
Shaggy Toller's Copper Chili
Shaggy Toller's Heartbreaker
NO UCH Shaggy Tollers Baily Bee-Q
Red-Toller's Innmood Bonny
Red-Tollers Antonio Poppe
Red-Tollers Albina
Red-Tollers Alsnoy Bernadette
Red-Tollers Aqva Java
Red-Tollers Arth Whistling
Red-Tollers Artic Lisa
Red-Tollers Ayes Lollipop
NO UCH NORD V-02 Red-Tollers Taxigirl
Red-Tollers Fardango

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