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NO UCH NORD V-02 Red-Tollers Taxigirl

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

NO UCH NORD V-02 Red-Tollers Taxigirl
Red-Tollers Fardango
Redtoffy (DKK28154/95)
Rollo (DKK28157/95)
Ronda (DKK28159/95)
Ronja (DKK28160/95)
Rambo (DKK28155/95)
Sally (DKK28161/95)
Lukas (DKK28156/95)
Molly (DKK28158/95)
NUCH DKCH NV-88 Flyingtollers Boomer
Flyingtollers Rasmus
Flyingtollers Roy
Flyingtollers Bonny
Flyingtollers Buster
Jalna's Gentle Giant
Jalna's Go Go Girl
Jalna's Golden Glory
Jalna's Good Gracious Fox
Jalna's Good Gracious Me
Jalna's Gorgeous George
Jalna's Grand Tego
Jalna's Quips N Quotes
Jalna's Quartermaster
Jalna's Quest For Quality
Jalna's Quite A Quandary
Jalna's Quite A Quincy
Jalna's Quota Quantum
Tollbreton Dania
Tollbreton Digby
Tollbreton Fergus
Can Ch Tollbreton Honey for Westerlea WC
Tollbreton Koba
Tollbreton Shooting Star
Tollbreton Zoe
Tollbreton Annie Glaholm
Riverbear's Westerlea Tar
Riverbear Athena
Riverbear Cubby
Riverbear Hi-Mine
Riverbear Maxxum Enticer
Riverbear Mister Rebel
Riverbear Newgene
Riverbear Nicker's Son
Riverbear of Harbourlights
Riverbear Peach of Waverly
Riverbear Saymo
Riverbear Ten Penny
Riverbear Thud
Riverbears Gentle Ben
Riverbear's Lone Star
Tollbreton Piper
Tollbreton Brandy Star
Tollbreton Huckleberry
Tollbreton Jolly-Roger
Tollbreton Truffles
Tollbreton Waldo
Tollbreton Waldo-Oliver
Red-Tollers Yevy Cuba
Red-Tollers Yazzo Red Yang
Red-Tollers Yeri Felix
Red-Tollers Yero Boos
Red-Tollers Yggy Tovar
Red-Tollers Ytta
Red-Tollers Yul Brynner
Red-Tollers Yvette
Red-Tollers Yvonn
Winfren Vulpaqula Rex
Int.Ir.Sh.Ch Winfren Vulpaqula Cadian
Winfren Vulpaqula Kim
Winfren Vulpaqula Rory of Lyonhouse
Winfren Vulpaqula Sky
Harbourlights Scotia Duke of Lyonhouse
HR Harbourlights Trapper Jack WC
Harbourlights Alamo
Harbourlights Birchtown Buddy
Harbourlights Steves Kedjie
UKC-HR Harbourlights Taffy Pull WC TT
Harbourlights White Socks
Harbourlights Golden Scotia
Harbourlights Green Wood Rex
Harbourlight's Helan Shoney
Harbourlights Island Ginger
Harbourlights Meg-a-Duck
Harbourlights Claire Chase
Harbourlights Daisy Lou Ducky
Harbourlights Flara Foxacadia
Harbourlights Rusty Hunter
Harbourlights Rusty Rufus
Tennessee Golden Leif
Dutchess of Harbourlights
Hilan Lads Nova Lights
Harbourlights Misty-Blu
Harbourlights Morgan The 2nd
Harbourlights Olympia Gold
Harbourlights Orion
Harbourlights Perky Peppy
Harbourlights Red Caper
Harbourlights Red Kate
Mallorys Red Wren
Collier's Kishkadina Star
Collier's Breton Sandy
Colliers' Cajun of Terrall
Colliers' Court Jestor
Can Ch Colliers' Deke of Earl CD
Collier's Felix-Esquire
Colliers Fine French Cognac
Colliers' High Card
Colliers Lashbrook Misty Pearl
Collier's Margaret On The Lake
Colliers' Royal Cinnamon Taffy
Collier's Ty Amber Dory
Nuch Red-Tollers Aubry
Red-Tollers Akjmiski
Red-Tollers Artic
Nuch Red-Tollers Atkas
Nuch Red-Tollers Avolon
Red-Tollers Aylmer
LP Larl-Be Finis Renard
Can Ch Larl-Be Charles Winston 2nd
CAN OTCH Larl-Be Gingembre Magic
Larl-Be Spirit of Ardunacres
Larl-Be Sungun
Ayesha Sorceress of Angmar
Gingembre Magic of Merlin
N UCH Flyingtollers Contessa Anne
N UCH Flyingtollers Quarter Lily
Flyingtollers Quillo Quest
Flyingtollers Rode Rudolf
Flyingtollers Ronja (S18528/87)
Flyingtollers Tassa (S62946/89)
Flyingtollers Lolli
Flyingtollers Mitzi
Flyingtollers Myzak
Flyingtollers Commander
Flyingtollers Country Boy
Flyingtollers First Lieutenant
Flyingtollers Kid Creole
Flyingtollers Albert Boy
Flyingtollers Byxfield Cedar
Flyingtollers Christopher

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