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Katyra's Stuart Little

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Katyra's Stuart Little
Katyra Ceilidh Summer Surprise
CH Katyra's Winter Silas CD WCI
Katyra's Winter Sailor
Katyra's First Digby
Katyra's Ruby Snow Angel
Outagami's Winter Snow
Outagami's Rogan Bluenose
Outagami's Guinness
Outagami's Ocean Warrior
Outagami's Blazing Glory
Outagami's Cooder
Outagami's Northern Sky
Outagami's Jedorr
Outagami's Homer The Great
Outagami's Double Baileys 2 Go
Outagami's Sierra Justice
CH Outagami's Kitchi Onodis CGN
Outagami's A Riley Big Show
Outagami's Daisy Cornelia
Outagami's Montgomery Stuart
Outagami's Patriot Son
Outagami's Rainbow Chaser
Outagami's Scarlet Begonias
Outagami's Sun Dancer Cisko
Outagami's Teddy Bear Cub
Outagami's Wee Bonnie Digby
Rusty (BQ241407)
Evangaline Outagamis
Antiganish Outagamis
Lefter Lou
Digby Do
D Day Outagamis
Sydney Outagamis
Shel Outagamis
Kishkahdina Outagami Hope
Noble of Kishkahdina
Kishkahdina K C
Kishkahdina Leia
Kishkahdina Mulmur's Choice
Kishkahdina Pumpkin Pie Licksy
Kishkahdina Quincy
Kishkahdina Reggie
Kishkahdina Remmington's Digby
Kishkahdina Scotty
Kishkahdina Scugog Weatherby
Kishkahdina Sonja
Kishkahdina Spin Drift
Kishkahdina Toby
Kishkahdina's Brandy Rose
Kishkahdina Arnold
Kishkahdina Corky
Kishkahdina Darby
Kishkahdina Elmira
Kishkahdina Highland Piper
Kishkahdina Holly
Cape D'or at Outagami
Wacogama Nova
Chester Western Shore
Tiny Teal Boles
White Head
Flight of The Gull
Sable Island Kejimikujik
Ecum Secum
Little Dover Durham Dory
Musquodoboit Valley
CAN CH Outagami's Classic Hi-Brass
Outagami Guardian of The Keep
Outagami's Ball of Fire
Outagami's Carbon Copy CD
Outagami's Duchess Ieesha
Outagami's Duchess McReynolds
Outagami's Ezekiel of Kent
Outagami's Happy Go Lucky
Outagami's Kelsey Curts
Outagami's Maximum Prize
Outagami's Misty of Keuka
Outagami's Northern Hunter
Outagami's Perro Caliente
Outagami's Sasha of Glenisla
Outagami's Taffeta Royale
Outagami's Tessa D'urberville
Outagami's Travelling Cyborg
Outagami's Utah of Algonquin
Littleriver's Hectanooga
Littlriver's Shelby
Amber of Littleriver 2nd (EY302628)
Littleriver's Lady In Red
Littleriver's Sandy
Littleriver's Third Copper
Rust Tee of Littleriver
OTCH CH Kishkahdina Tyra JH, WCI, CGC
Clansee of Kishkahdina
Dig B of Kishkahdina
Tipper of Kishkahdina
Kishkahdina Sophie
ATChC Ch Kishkahdina's Whale of A Time CD AgI NAC NGC RN-MCL RA-MCL CGC
Kishkahdina Digby Rex
Kishkahdina Ivar Otter
Berdia Judd of Kishkadina AGN VADC
Berdia Cape Diem at Schumache
Berdia Digby of Scotia
Berdia Master Full Fred
Berdia Sasha A Gypsy Girl
Berdia Scholarly Sox
Berdia Sheena at The Bay
Berdia Shelby's Chelsea Rose
Berdia Sydney of Cape Breton
Can Ch Kishkahdina Awfully Young
Kishkahdina Maple Grove Chloe
Kishkahdina Mischief Maker
Kishkahdina Oaken Cooper
Kishkahdina Tollhaven Talker
Kishkahdina Wooden Nickel
Kishkahdina Woody
Can Ch Berdia Gypsy Rose WC CD
Berdia Springvale Debut
Berdia Buddy Chaser
Berdia Copper Penny
Berdia Jessie at Charing
Tollhaven In A Rush
Tollhaven Back In A Flash
Tollhaven Brooke
Tollhaven Cody Who
Tollhaven In Like Flint
Tollhaven Reggie
Tollhaven Riley
Tollhaven Sadie Morrison
Winfren Vulpecula Ben WC
Winfren Vulpecula Blaze
Aust Ch Winfren Vulpecula Kahli of Lyonhouse
Winfren Vulpecula Meg of Decoymans
Winfren Vulpecula Rebel
Winfren Vulpecula Robbie of Lyonhouse
Ch Kishkahdina Skylark of Rideau
Rideau's Amber Aspen
Luther of Rideau
Rideau's Bodacious Brodie
Rideau's Digby Schooner
Rideau's Lively Brandy
Rideau's Mischievous Buddy
Rideau's Scotian Copper Penny
Rideau's Zachary

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