Golden Retriever

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Majestic Maggie Mae

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Majestic Maggie Mae (AKC SE318591)
Baron Maximilian III (AKC SD317056 03-85)
The Baron of Zsa Zsa (AKC SC780349 03-82)
Rogers Hope (AKC SD841431 (3-90))
Reasonable Rex (AKC SB654468 01-78)
Beauregard Jackson (SC179193) (AKC SC179193 (9/1978))
Chaucer VI (AKC SB854865 (4-80))
Valhalla's Old Tray (AKC SB168443 (11/1974))
Cargile's Misty Lady (AKC SB450426 (11/1974))
Zsa Zsa of Vondalia (AKC SC222773 01-78)
Maid Megan Of Memphis (AKC SB737214)
FC AFC Tioga Joe FDHF (AKC SA352221 (3-69))
Marshland's Golden Vixen ***
Tioga's Twiggy Vixen *** (AKC SA480602 (9/73))
Tioga Mactaffy WC OD (AKC SA325423 (10/1968))
Riverdale's Madrona (AKC SA536100 (2/70))
Climenus Pluto (AKC SA-505504)
Riverdale's Ginger Snap (AKC SA357593 (1/67))
Marshlands Golden Sunshine *** (AKC SA347510 (6/69))
Windenreign's Gunner (AKC SA564955 (3/1970))
Tioga's Sundust Queen (AKC SA334000 (1/1971))
Winnebago's Dapper Dan ** (AKC SA327035 (8/70))
Click's Shadowbrook Cricket (AKC SB178091 (2/1974))
Tigathoe's Shadowbrook Jig ** (AKC SB141862)
Baron's Honey (AKC SC837928)
Amos Dee Otis (AKC SC876185 (3-83))
Rusty Sunshine Bay
Merigold's Happy Holidays (AKC SC328767)
Merigold's Christmas Carol (AKC SC328757)
Merigold's Seasons Greetings (AKC SC328768)
Merigolds Christmas Cactus
Am. CH. Kinnikinnik's Talee of Gaylen SDHF (AKC SB432903 (11/76))
Am. CH. Kinnikinnik's Jamboree (AKC SB463902 12-76)
Am. CH Kinnikinnik Autumn Leaves (AKC SB472235)
Kinnikinnik Cocoa Bean (AKC SB543878 (7-77))
Am. Ch. Givemhel Lucy Laurell (AKC SB850140)
Cinnamon's Honeycomb (AKC SC165845)
Topbrass Gold Leaf O'Autumn (AKC SC557378)
Topbrass Ruff Rider CDX (AKC SC588160)
Topbrass Knuckles CD ** (AKC SB695742)
Topbrass Butterscotch Candy CD (AKC SB699047)
Topbrass Gold Coast Heather CDX (AKC SB-714253)
Topbrass Bing Bang Boomerang (AKC SB803400)
Topbrass Topaz of Windswept CD (AKC SB668509)
Topbrass Toray's Laurels (AKC SB922497)
Topbrass Rainy Day Picnic (AKC SB710054 (9/1976))
Topbrass Troubles Aplenty CD (AKC SB557342 (12/1977))
Topbrass Mister Graceful CDX (AKC SB652102)
CH Topbrass Thunderwater Totem * (AKC SB-646392)
Topbrass Ain't I Somethun' CDX WC (AKC SB558926)
Topbrass Chad's Golden Marker CD WC (AKC SB659371 (10-76))
CH Topbrass Lucky Streak O' Slade (AKC SB589790)
CH Topbrass Delta Dawn CDX (AKC SB554903)

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