Golden Retriever

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Bonnie Of Brookfield

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Bonnie Of Brookfield (AKC S289860 (6/49))
York's Brigand (AKC S294035 (6/49))
Queenie Of South Derry (AKC S303217 (8/49))
White Cap's Belle (AKC S282842 (5/49))
Bountiful Lad (AKC S294082 (6/49))
Dubelee Of Fair Hill (AKC S297218 (7/49))
Aksarben Pirate (AKC S246456 (1/1949))
Golden Magic (AKC A971565 (4/46))
Skipper II (AKC S014988 (7/1946))
Amber Jax (AKC A951198 (3/1946))
Timber Lake Susan (AKC A954998 (3/1946))
FC Pirate Of Golden Valley FDHF (AKC A507433 (9/1941))
Digger Of Golden Valley *** OS (AKC A507436 (9/41))
Honey of Golden Valley (AKC A507429 (9/1941))
Bonnie Of Golden Valley *** (AKC A507427 (9/1941))
Joy of Golden Valley (AKC A507431 (9/1941))
Blink Of Golden Valley (AKC A507434 (9/1941))
Bunny Of Golden Valley (AKC A507428 (9/1941))
Echo Of Golden Valley (AKC A507430 (9/1941))
Nero Of Golden Valley (AKC A507432 (9/1941))
Nicholas Of Golden Valley (AKC A507435 (9/1941))
FC Goldwood Tuck OS FDHF (AKC A205346 (1/1938))
Wind of Woodend (AKC A232874 - 5/1938)
Goldwood Tala (AKC A205345 - 1/1938)
Goldwood Topsy (AKC A205344 - 1/1938)
Goldwood Trigger (AKC A205343 - 1/1938)
FC Golden Beauty Of Roedare OD (AKC A246295 (7/1938))
Victorious of Roedare OS (AKC A940555 (2/1946))
FC Patricia of Roedare (AKC A-300261 - 3/1939)
Diana of Roedare (AKC A782905 (1/1945))
Shelter Cove Amber (AKC A899784)
Am./Can. CH. Des Lacs Lassie CD WC OD SDHF (AKC A994369)
Am. CH. Patricia Of Rochester (AKC A848600 (9/1945))
Duckerbird Gay Girl (AKC S029373 (9/46))
Sealybourne Babe (AKC S062006 (2/1947))
Strike's Golden Peggy (AKC S045273 (12/46))
Patricia Of Willow Lake (AKC A824554 (7/1945))
Shag Of Camden (AKC A828576 (7/1945))
Speedwell Buck (AKC A983933 (4/46))
Queen of Sebewing (AKC S020546 (8/46))
Lady Of Rochester (AKC A848601 (9/1945))
Duchess Ann (AKC A808505 (5/1945))
Shelter Cove Russett II (AKC S421748 (2/1951))
Dobbin Of Robbin (AKC A987740 (5/1946))
Giltway Strike *** (AKC A-482126 (5/1941))
Giltway Gold Digger ** (AKC A482128 (5/1941))
Giltway Gold Dust (AKC A482129 (5/1941))
Giltway Nugget (AKC A482125 (5/1941))
Giltway Rush (AKC A482127 (5/1941))
Maryann of Roc-Roix (AKC A736467 (5/1944))
Peter Pan Of Roc-Roix (AKC A736468 (5/1944))
Bomber Of Roc-Roix (AKC A736465 (5/1944))
King Golden Sioux (AKC A736466 (5/1944))
Gold Star Jade (AKC S007238 (6/1946))
Roc Of Roc-Roix (AKC A736469 (5/1944))
Jill Of Roc-Roix (AKC A766291 (10/1944))
Demurph Of Reykjavik (AKC S011541 (7/1946))
Roc-Ette ** (AKC S133319 (11/1947))
Liz of Roc-Roix
Flak Of Roc-Roix (AKC S007237 (6/46))
Major Of Roc-Roix (AKC S029156 (9/46))
Queenie of Minerva (AKC S-128033)
Golden Eagle Of Audlon (AKC S077431 (4/1947))
FC Whitebridge Wally FDHF (AKC A226373 (4/38))
Whitebridge Judy OD (AKC A-226371-4/38)
Whitebridge Lassie (AKC A248067 (7/1938))
Whitebridge Mac (AKC A242189 (6/1938))
Whitebridge Meg (AKC A242188 (6/1938))
Whitebridge Sandy ** (AKC A242190 (6/1938))
Whitebridge Bradford (AKC A226372 - 4/1938)
Eng./Am. CH. Bingo of Yelme *** (AKC A-113214 (12/1936))
Riggside Ruby
Am. CH. Speedwell Tango OD (AKC 873199 (5/1933))
Pat Of Rivey (unreg.) (Unregistered)
Pat of Clare (Other KC Reg. August 1938)
Shelter Cove Karen (AKC S030986 (10/1946))
Ashley Poppet (AKC A928893 (2/1946))
Golden Conqueror (AKC A932082 (2/1946))
Golden West Strike (AKC S372434 (6/1950))
Giltway Strike *** (AKC A-482126 (5/1941))
Giltway Gold Digger ** (AKC A482128 (5/1941))
Giltway Gold Dust (AKC A482129 (5/1941))
Giltway Nugget (AKC A482125 (5/1941))
Giltway Rush (AKC A482127 (5/1941))
Flight of Taramar (AKC A724291 (4/1944))
Am. CH. Alex Of Taramar (AKC A-724290-4/44)
Solo of Taramar (AKC A724292 (4/1944))
Lexa Of Taramar (AKC A593376(8/1942))
Lex Of Taramar (AKC A593374 (8/1942))
Sassy Lassie Of Taramar (AKC A593377 (8/1942))
Taramar Minx (AKC A593378 (8/1942))
Taramar Spar (AKC A593375 (8/1942))
Alexa Of Taramar (AKC A724289 (4/1944))
Zana Of Taramar (AKC A724293 (4/1944))
Zan Of Taramar (AKC A724294 (4/1944))

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