Golden Retriever

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Redtail Hagen's Gingersnap JH

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Redtail Hagen's Gingersnap JH
Redtail Red Hot Amber
Redtail Flash Point
Redtail Hotshot Sig JH
Redtail Trinity Wildfire SWE,SDHA,TKN,NW3, Elite-1,L2C,L1I,L1V
Redtail Blazing Sun CGC
Redtail Master Blaster
Redtail Lucy
Redtail Cashew
Redtail Banks
Redtail Jonesy
Redtail Ranger Hobbs
Redtail Wonder Of Brigadoon
Redtail Buff. To Henn.
Redtail Ronin Ranger
Redtail Mr. Beauxjangles
Saturday Night Redtail Ducks Ahoy JH
Saturday Night Tanner Montana Ranger
Saturday Night Sierra
Saturday Night Bella II
SHR Saturday Night Madison River Ruckus WC
Saturday Night Rio
Saturday Night Dakota
Rockerin Fionn Maccool JH WCX
RockErin Full Throttle JH
Rockerin Maureen O'Hara JH
Rockerin Rocky Rocket Likeus
RockErin Red River Ruckus MH QA2 OS
Rockerin Angus McTavish ***
Rockerin Scotqueen Margaret
Rockerin Storm Warning Star
Rockerin Bewitched Annie Oke JH
JFR Cedarpond Rockerin Tyree Tu JH
Cedarpond's Duso Bodhisattva MH QA2
Cedarpond Algonquin Ranger Can**
FTC MFR Cedarpond Mini Cooper MH ***
Cedarpond's Rowdy Highlander
Firemark's Polka Dot Bikini CD OD
MHR Firemark Serendipity CDX MH NA NAJ NF *** CCA OD / Can***
Firemark's The Right Stuff CCA
Firemark's Stealing Magnolias JH WC
Firemark's Thomas O'Toole UD MH WC CCA VC Can. WCX
Firemark's Cupcake Crumbs CD
GMHR Can OTCH Firemark's Piece of Cake UDX MH WCX CCA VCX Am/Can ***
Firemark Prepare for Takeoff UD MH WCX *** OD
Firemark's Mr. Maverick JH **
Firemark Cajun Bonfire MH ***
Firemark's Flamin' Phoenix MH
Firemark Dudley
Firemarks Gator Growl
Wildheart Navajo Fire
OTCH Topbrass Firemark Tradewind UDX JH WC OD OBHF
Topbrass Freemark Abbey WCX *** OD
Topbrass Callback **
Topbrass Catch Me If You Can MH
Topbrass Somerset's Portland JH
Topbrass Jake II
Redtail's Guilty Pleasure
Not Of This World Miss Abbie Sciuto
Hagens Wild Ace Wingman JH
Cooper Duper Of Georgia
Jt's Hawkeye Of Trophy Oaks
Maplehills Captain Jack Sparrow
Maxhaven's Captain Skywalker
Maple Hills Guns N Roses MH WCX
Maple Hills Max A Moose
Maple Hills Sadie's Lucky Dance
Maple Hills Angel
Maplehills Bette Davis Eyes JH
Heatherwoods Golden Remington
SHR Captain Samual To The Max JH, CGC
Maxhaven's Captain Kate JH WC
Greenmeadows Capt N Jack
Autumn's Artist Rafael
Topper's Maximillion
Shake 'N Jake Steele
Modica's Luigi
Sidekick Sadie The Hunting Lady
SHR Crimson Zest To The Max
Rogers Bodhi
Spicey Red Hot Cimmaron Zoe
Herringer's Maggie May
Nelson's Ruby JH
Maxhaven Golden Tess
Mac McGrane
Ellie Hosek
Maxhaven's General Jackson **
Maxhaven's Daddy Warbucks
Maxi's Dixieland Delight
Maxhaven Red October
Greenmeadow's Over The Limit
Maxhaven's Untouchable Drake
Maxhaven's Mellow Golden Brie
Maxhaven's Captain Kidd
Tiger in the Woods
Mackie (SR29069306)
Fireside's Makin' Maple Syrup RN SH WCX
Fireside's Push'n Cooper
Fireside Bailey By-My-Side
Firesides Can'T Touch This UD JH
OTCH UOCH SHR Fireside Incredible Journey UDX2 OM4 JH WC ASCA CD OBHF
Cinnamon Monster of Upland CGC
Will's Hillcrest Tess
Marina Del Rey
Kb's Golden Boy Hawker BN CGCA CGCU TKI
Redtail's Wind Walker JH
Redtail's Rollickin Reba UD
Redtail Sierra Rose
Akiyama's Sakurako Of Redtail GTCh
Redtails Ruff N Tumblin Tucker JH
Mason's Golden Crazy Gracie JH

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