Golden Retriever

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Offspring of CH Harborview Just U Wait OS BISS BOSS (7/11/1999-2/17/2014)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Loco Meadows Daisy:

Blackeyed Susan Imf (7/8/2005-) [OFA GR-93361F24F-PI]
Heidi Ho Love Imf (12/11/2003-) [OFA GR-89105G26F-PI]

Out of Loco Meadows Sophie Of BH:

Black Hole Two Amazing Grace (11/9/2004-) [OFA GR-92629G29F-PI]

Out of Gldnharts West Side Story:

Gldnharts Can U Dance With Me (9/24/2003-)
Beetle Bailey Carmel Delight CD RE (9/24/2003-)

Out of Hearthside's Vegas Jackpot:

Hearthside's Hey Hey Hockeytown CD (9/24/2006-) [OFA GR-99262G36M-VPI]
Hearthside's Magnum Reload (9/24/2006-) [OFA GR-100624G42M-VPI]

Out of Gideon's Singing In The Rain:

Gideon New Year Party'n Bandit (1/1/2007-) [OFA GR-101678F44M-VPI]
CH Gideon's Toast Of The Town (1/1/2007-) [OFA GR-97658E25F-VPI]
CH Gideon's Red Radio Flyer (8/13/2005-) [OFA GR-93493G24M-PI]

Out of Harborview Preferred Ticket Holder:

CH Harborview Yankee Doodle CGC TDI CCA (9/1/2010-) [OFA GR-106958G25F-VPI]
Harborview Caught Stealing (4/13/2009-)

Out of Shor'Line Chart'n R Course to the Sea RA:

IABCA-Multi-BISV/IntCH/NatCH/HonrCH/VetCH-S, Can-BISS/GCH, UKC GCH Shor'Line Put The Lime 'N Da Coconut Island VCD1, Can-C.D., UD, BN, GN, GO, FDC, RAE3, TD, TDU, OAP, XFP, DN, THDN, CGCA, CGCU, TKA, CCA, TDI, (6/14/2009-) [OFA GR-108043F45M-VPI]
Shor'Line Kickin' Back in the Islands JH, WC, CGC, CCA (6/14/2009-)

Out of Gold Star's Siriustraktomyhrt RE TD NA NAP NJP:

UKC CH, C-ATCH 5 Golden Thyme's Take Me Sirius RE, AX, MXJ, MXJP, NAP, OF, CCA (7/24/2005-)

Out of Goldruls Caribbean Tradewind CGC:

Yellow Rose Rocky Teddy Bear CDX (3/10/2008-) [OFA GR-102035G30M-PI]
Yellow Rose Classic Rock (3/10/2008-) [OFA GR98072E24F-VPI]

Out of Am. CH Goldruls Key To Par A Dice TD JH CCA VC OD:

Goldruls Keyp'N It Reel (1/18/2008-)
Goldruls Full O' MalarKey (1/18/2008-)
Goldruls Keyp On Playin' (1/18/2008-1/26/2019)
Goldruls IraKey Mission (1/18/2008-2/2019)
Goldruls Just Duck Key (1/18/2008-12/1/2019)
Am. CH Goldruls Keymand Performance RN WC CCA VC OD (1/18/2008-12/19/2019) [OFA GR-99990E24F-VPI]

Out of Harborview Noble One Fine Day:

Noble's Jailhouse Rock (1/8/2008-)

Out of Ch. Hearthside Ticket To Heaven:

Hearthside's Attention to Detail CGC TDI (7/21/2005-) [OFA GR-93655F25F-PI]
Hearthside's Last Hurrah WC JH (7/21/2005-) [OFA GR-93657E25M-PI]
Can. CH. Hearthside Bad To The Bone (7/21/2005-) [OFA GR-93656G25M-PI]
Hearthside's Piece of The Rock (7/21/2005-8/2015)

Out of Kodiak's Unbearably Cute CGC, THD,TDIA, BVISS:

Kodiak's Gone With The Wind (2/5/2008-) [OFA GR-101815G31F-VPI]
Kodiak's Follow That Dream Annie RE (9/16/2008-)

Out of Misty Meadows Mountain High:

Misty Meadow Climb to The Top (8/31/2007-)
Misty Meadows Make Way For Me (8/31/2007-)

Out of Crystal Angel N The Outfield:

Black's Goldens Lexi (11/23/2001-) [OFA GR-82787F28F-NOPI]
Heavenviews Piece Of The Rock (11/23/2001-) [OFA GR-81321G24M-PI]

Out of KB's Mustang Shelby:

KB's Awesome Annie Get Your Gun (2/15/2005-1/17/2014)

Out of Am/Can Ch. Hearthside French Connection:

Hearthside's Chip Off The Rock OD (12/11/2005-11/8/2012) [OFA GR-99685G47F-VPI]

Out of Am Can Ch Hearthside's Magical Kingdom:

Hearthside's I Believe I Can Fly (5/27/2006-) [OFA GR-99273G39F-VPI]
Hearthsides Nothin But The Truth (6/4/2007-) [OFA GR-100114E31F-VPI]
Hearthside's Its All About The Truth (6/7/2004-)
Hearthsides Best of Both Worlds (6/4/2007-) [OFA GR-98752F-VPI]
Hearthside's Ain'T That The Truth (6/7/2007-9/28/2015) [OFA GR-99134E27F-VPI]
Hearthside's If the Truth be Told (6/7/2007-) [OFA GR-99100G27M-VPI]
CH Hearthside's Don't Stop Believin' (5/27/2006-) [OFA GR-98160G34M-NOPI]
Hearthside's Believe In Miracles (5/27/2006-) [OFA GR-97623E32F-VPI]
Hearthside's Its Only Make Believe (5/27/2006-)

Out of Cozy Philadelphia Freedom:

Sanmann Cozy American Dream (10/5/2002-)
Cozy Plymouth Rock (10/5/2002-)
Cozy Freedom Rocks (10/5/2002-) [OFA GR-85794G29F-PI]

Out of Phoenixs' Lady Haley Of LCM CGC:

True Blue for U of LCM (11/17/2003-)
LCM Becca Just U Wait 4 Me (4/17/2003-) [PH 0.46/0.38]
Lcm Just U Wait Lil' Audrey (4/17/2003-) [PH 0.46/0.46]
Lcm Tinybear U Wait For Hank (11/17/2003-) [PH 0.35/0.33]

Out of Hyegold's Me Myself N I TD OA AXJ CCA OD:

Hyegold Miladys Scottish Shawl (8/2/2007-) [OFA GR-100086F27F-VPI]
Hyegold Silk Tweed TD CCA (8/2/2007-) [OFA GR-99227G25F-VPI]
Hyegold's Honours of Scotland VCD2 UD RA TD OJP OAP THD TKA CGC ATT CCA (8/2/2007-) [OFA GR-99180G25F-PI]
Lord Brodie's Kilt of Hyegold CCA TDI (8/2/2007-)
Hyegold The Macallan (8/2/2007-)
Hyegold's All Star Oakley (1/27/2005-)
Int'l Champion Hyegold's Sheza Starspngld Gal TD ThD CCA CGC TDI (1/27/2005-1/17/2018) [OFA GR-93010G28F-PI]
GCH Hyegold North Star CDX RN CGC TDI (1/27/2005-12/25/2017) [OFA GR-99706F36M-NOPI]

Out of Nitro's Flaming Angel:

Nitro's Shooting Star (6/1/2001-)

Out of Goodtime Emerald Cut:

Harborview R Dream Come Tru (8/4/2002-10/4/2013) [OFA GR-84622G27F-PI]

Out of Gold'n'point Beanie Baby Kis OD:

Gold'n'point Rocky MNTN High (5/26/2001-)

Out of Windy Hill's Shooting Star:

Windy Hill Rush N Rule It (3/21/2002-) [OFA GR-83625G27F-PI]

Out of CT Amberwood Third's A Charm CD JH NA WC VCX OD:

UKC CH Goldruls This Buds For U TD CGC (9/27/2003-6/17/2016) [OFA GR-87884F24M-PI]
Goldruls U'll Be Proud (9/27/2003-7/3/2015)
Goldruls The Party In U (9/27/2003-)
Goldruls Umm Umm Good (9/27/2003-2006)
Goldruls Under The Gun CD RA (ptd.) (9/27/2003-) [OFA 1115526 prelim fair]
Goldruls Ultimate Ride (9/27/2003-1/19/2019) [OFA GR-88393G26M-PI]
Goldruls U're My Hero (9/27/2003-12/21/2015)
Goldruls U Got Sumthin' There TD SH CCA VC OD (9/27/2003-11/7/2019) [OFA GR-87596G24F-PI]

Out of Starquest Delmarva Top Star:

Delmarva's Cuddle Bug (7/28/2003-)
Delmarva's Snug As A Bug (7/28/2003-5/25/2018)
Delmarva's Bailey Bug (7/28/2003-)
Delmarva's Bug O' Erlwood (7/28/2003-)
Delmarva's Lady Bug (7/28/2003-9/11/2015)
Delmarva's Daisy Bug (7/28/2003-4/24/2015)
Delmarva's Jitterbug (7/28/2003-8/27/2016) [OFA GR-88186G28F-PI]
Delmarva's Sing Me A Lulabug (7/28/2003-)

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